Sunday, July 06, 2008

Answering Some of Your Questions....

I'm not very good at answering people's questions if they write them in a comment, so I am going to take some time out from card making to answer some of your most pressing questions you have for are a few I've recieved recently....

What kind of camera do you have?
My camera is a Nikon D40, and I {{{{heart}}}} it! I've had it for about a year and a half now, and it was a breeze to learn how to use. The D40 was made for those people who were looking to move from a regular point and shoot digital camera to an SLR (single lens reflex) camera, for minimal expense. I think I got the camera with the kit lens for $600 total. Now you can get the camera and two lenses for under $500!!!! I have three different lenses, the kit lens which is an 18-55mm (a wide angle lens), a 55-200mm (zoom lens) and a fixed 50mm/1.8 lens (great for portraits!). I use it every day and I get phenomenal pics from it straight out of the camera. I do use Photoshop Elements to edit my photos as well though, for those times I just can't seem to get my exposures correct.

Am I going to CHA this year in Chicago?
Unfortunately, no, I'm not going to CHA this year.....with the Hubster still unemployed, we don't have the discretionary income to make a road trip to Chicago work this year! I will miss it, that's for sure!

How's your Hubby's job hunt going?
Sloooooooowwwwwww. There are a few things on the burner as we speak. One opportunity is in Detroit (ugh) and one is in Santa Monica (not as big an "ugh" as Detroit, but we'd still have to move). He's still working a few hours a week at Caribou Coffee, although not many as the college students are getting some hours too. There are a few fires burning right here in MN, but all of them are on the back-burner right now....

Sara in WI wanted to know where I got the sentiment on this card....
Hi Sara! I got this stamp from Ellen Hutson's store. I wanted to share the link with you here, but her store front is currently experiencing technical issues. I'll try and check back later with the link!

How did things go with Eldest Son last week?
This question is referring to this will all be happy to know that our conversation with Eldest Son occured without WWIII taking place! Woo-hoo! I was calm, cool, and collected, and I'm happy to say he stayed calm, cool and collected! There were perfectly reasonable answers given by Eldest Son regarding our concerns. They made sense and we trusted his answers. That's not to say we didn't use the opportunity to once again lay our expectations for his behavior out on the table so that there will be no confusion, ever, on what we expect of him. Hopefully, he got the message. All we can do is hope. That's all you can ever do with a teenager living under your roof.

How is your brother-in-law Ken doing?
As of today, Ken is in the hospital. As a result of the chemo, his white blood cell count is extremely low making him highly susceptible to infection. He contracted an infection within the past few days, causing him to have a high fever. He couldn't keep the antibiotics down, so they put him in the hospital to give him the antibiotics via IV. I haven't heard from my SIL since yesterday, but at that point, he was resting comfortably and was in good spirits. Please continue your prayers.....

Well, I think this is it for now. If you have a burning question for me, drop me a comment and I'll try to answer it like I did today. I need to get better at this!



  1. Wow what a lot of answers. Good to hear the teenage chat went OK but sorry to hear Ken has had to go into hospital for intravenous antibiotics. I hope he will be back with the family soon and feeling stronger. The word verification text for me is Jlobvd - 3 out of the first 4 letters might be significant for you guys - hope they are! Take care.

  2. It's certainly been a long, hard road for you. But thru it all I have seen the faithfulness of God in your lives. Things WILL get better - we just have to wait & trust HIS timing. Hope your week is totally blessed!

  3. Thanks for the update! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers....

  4. You've been a busy blogger this weekend! Thanks so much for your nice comment about my new banner! I'm so sorry to hear about Ken. Please know he remains in my prayers. I truly admire the Faith and positive attitudes of you and your husband through all that is going on. So glad that talk with oldest son went well. With an 11-year-old daughter in the house, I'm trying to prepare myself!!!! Wishing you a week of great things!!!

  5. Laurie in MN2:13 AM

    My son has a PICC for his antibiotics and labs so he doesn't need to be repeatedly poked with a needle. If Ken doesn't have a PICC suggest he ask if a PICC is an option.

    Your family is facing many trials with health, unemployment and moving. I will pray that God answers your prayers.

  6. Jenni Schmitt3:27 PM

    Hey! There are a lot of good places to live outside of Detroit. I know because I live in one:) Things are not always as bad as you hear on the news.
    Glad to hear your talk with son went well. I have one the same age and every day is an adventure. Each time he walks out the door I struggle to remember that he's in God's capable hands and I only need to pray.
    Praying for your BIL Ken.

  7. Hey, I'm with Jenni! My hubby got transferred to the Detroit area almost 2 years ago from NJ. It was a big move for us. We had lived out East for 12 years and we had 2 teenagers getting ready to start high school. I will tell you right now that we are so glad we left the East. It is so much friendlier here and our teens have adjusted wonderfully. The schools have great programs and we are so impressed with all the parks and things to do. I live in Northville and recommend it to anyone. AND with the housing market crash here you can get a GREAT house for a bargain! Come for a visit and e-mail me. I can definitely give you some tips!

  8. asela5:49 AM

    Thanks for the updates. You're in my prayers and thoughts.


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