Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Countdown....5 more days!

Jeepers, you guys are a tough crowd! I'm guessing you don't care for my idea of Countdown to Camp, only 2 comments yesterday! I am taking it all you're interested in is cards, cards, cards, hmmmmm?

Well, even though no one is interested in COP, I'm still going to share pics with you!!! But I'll be nice and show you the card first so if you really feel you only have time to look at that, you can ditch it before the "boring" stuff starts:)!

Ok, so the "important" stuff first....the card. Since I am trying to get together a huge stash of cards before we head up to camp, I'm focusing on making the cards simple, easy and non-complicated. No fancy stuff this week ladies. I'm all about quick and easy.

This card fit those parameters very nicely! The paper is from SEI and it's GORGEOUS. Actually, it's not normally my cup of tea, but I received it in my box of goodies last month from CARDS magazine (I had a card published in the April edition). It was so fun to work with! It's sparkly and luscious. You can see, all I did was cut a rectangle of paper, mat it with cardstock, and add scallops at one end. It is mounted on a card base of white cardstock from PTI. The butterfly is actually from the same collection (SEI Jolie Chocolat). It was originally a sticker, but I mounted it on some cardstock and then cut it out because I wanted the butterfly to appear three-dimensional. That's all there was to this card. Nothing too fancy, but it sure looks fancy, doesn't it?

Ok, here's the point where those of you who aren't interested in COP exit stage left. Those of you who ARE interested in seeing another pic from camp, here goes....

This is the chapel where we come together twice a day while we're there. This is the view while you sit in your pew....can you see the white cross on the other side of the lake????? That's still part of the camp over there. You can hike to the cross if you want to. It really is a wonderful site, to sit there singing camp hymns, being inspired by God's beautiful creations. I can't wait to have our first service there on Saturday evening!

Well, I've got to run. I just found out I have a business lunch I must attend. The guy I work for forgot to give me the final date and time last week. So, I'm off to beautify myself. Tonight we are going to a minor league baseball game (the St. Paul Saints). It's a client event put on by one of the radio stations I work with. I'm hoping the rain stays away until after the game!

Have a great day!


  1. Gee, only 2 comments yesterday! I did read your post & was so touched by the beautiful photos of camp & the thought of how MUCH you needed this break, that I sat & cried - sorry I didn't post, but that's why - I couldn't see! : )

  2. What a beatiful spot (your card is beautiful too!). Reminds me of going to Bible camp as a teen. Isn't Lake Superior a wonderful example of God's handiwork?! Although the water is often very chilly. I grew up in Michigan not to far from Lake S. Have a wonderful, refreshing time.


  3. I started to comment yesterday, and I must have gotten distracted or something...
    Anyway, I wanted you to know that you are glowing in that picture! It must have been a refreshing time for you. I do hope that this trip will bring renewal and peace for you in the midst of all that you are going thru.

  4. i liked reading about COP, and i wasn't bummed that there wasn't a card! today's card is a stunner though--WOW!! love it! btw, did you get one from me recently?

  5. Wow - how can you concentrate on the message with this view behind the speaker?

  6. AH....camp. I have the BEST memories of church camp; the songs, the lessons, the crafts, the friends, and most of all the quiet time alone with GOD. I'm enjoying your COP pictures and descriptions. Another generation of kids and adults can experience the quiet and the peace of getting alone and listening for GOD's quiet still voice. KEEP IT COMING!!!!!!
    Oh, the card was cool, too!!!

  7. This is beautiful, as always! The photo of the chapel and lake are breath-taking. It brings back wonderful memories of my church camp back home! Sorry, I haven't commented lately. Life has been a bit trying and hectic! You are in my thoughts!

  8. Amy

    The photo is absolutely beautiful. How much closer can you feel to God!

    Happy Wednesday,

  9. What a wonderful place to be. You must look forward to this especially after your winters. I am in PA. where we have had bad storms and had no electricity last night when arriving home from a day trip. I wish I were there. Looks beautiful. I had trouble trying to comment on today's pictures. Funny guys today, good looking women, yesterday.

  10. I love the view of the lake and the cross amongst those trees is great!

  11. well it is almost time to go on your trip. I hope you have a fantastic time and that you and your family find this a great time of joy.
    Retired Heather

  12. Amy, don't stop posting about COP!! It sounds like a truly amazing place, and I'm loving reading about it, and about the things your family and other church folks do up there.

    That pic of the chapel is just gorgeous. What a beautiful place to just sit and focus on God and His gift of creation. And with the crosses in view, there's the loving reminder of His ultimate gift of Jesus, too. It's got to be a fantastic place!! Wish I could fly up from Texas to help!

  13. Hi Amy,

    I just stumbled onto your blog last night. Your posts about COP were so refreshing.

    I spent many of my younger years working church camps, going to ladies retreats, youth retreats, couples retreats, etc. Oh, how I miss it all!

    I lived in MI then so I can relate to the experience of nature showing Gods handiwork. The church we attend here in S. Ohio doesn't offer these things. ;-(

    So, I have added your blog to my google reader. I will be looking to your site for inspiration that goes beyond "our" art.

    Many hugs,


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