Friday, May 02, 2008

A Happy Hello

I made this card when I was at Lue's cabin back in March. It was one of the very first times I used my Copics! Still haven't been accomplishing much here this week in terms of stamping, so that's why you get an "old" card again today. I made a few cards yesterday but haven't had time to take photos yet!

Anyways, last night I started a scrapbooking gift for my sister-in-law. This past winter, I "stole" many of my MIL's (who died in September) handwritte recipes when we were "cleaning out" her kitchen. Before you gasp too hard and choke yourself (at the thought of me stealing something), please know I "stole" them for a good reason. I wanted to make cookbook scrapbooks for both my SIL and my husband as gifts. I wanted them to have a special place for their mom's recipes (she was a fabulous cook). I wanted to scrap the original recipes, not re-type them, because I feel the handwritten nature of the recipes is what reveals her true personality and humanness. So, that's what I worked on last night instead of cards. I hope I will finish it today and can take pictures of it to show you!

Today is another hang-out-at-home day. I have some freelance work to do as well as I want to stamp a little bit too. No big plans on the agenda for the weekend either! Yippee! I love that. The bad news is it's supposed to be COLD and might even snow. Good lord. No snow, please. It is gloomy and overcast today, but slightly warm (47). Me thinks it's another good day to stay locked up in my stamp room!!!!



  1. Love this!!! I am hanging around the house too.....DS is home sick!

  2. Great card! Your scrapping project is so sweet. I wish I had thought of that years ago. Of course dMIL had 4 sons and I'm the only one who really uses her recipes. Hmmm. Maybe I should make something nice for me to keep her cards in that reminds me of her when I'm using her recipes. I miss her. Enjoy your weekend and try to lose a little bit of your stress is you can.
    Hugs to you!
    Sara in WI

  3. It's new and beautiful to me!!

  4. Love love love the "stolen" recipe scrap project! I totally look forward to seeing what you do with it. I was blessed when my husbands Grandfather saw me looking through grandmas recipe box (several months after she had passed) and he just handed me the whole thing!! All these beautifully written notes. Then he dug through the cupboard and gave me some old recipe books too; some of them with her notes written along the edges. I explained that I am just an "in-law" and maybe one of the granddaughters would want it. He said I was family as much as them and besides I was the only one showing interest. I was sooooo excited and my hubby was just beaming too! (love that Grandpa made me feel so special - many others on that side make me feel less than wanted). Anyway, It is my goal to one day put the index cards and even recipes written on scraps of paper all in a beautiful book. Do show how yours looks it will so completely inspire me.

  5. Great sunny card! :-)

  6. Love the card, sunflowers are my favorites. What a wonderful gift for your SIL. I know they will treasure it. Hope your day is sunny and not snowy!! Thank you for the update on your family. I haven't been on JOY, my computer for a bit. Keeping all of you in prayer. You have a great and loving spirit and hope you have a blessed week.


  7. What a pretty card. I love your recipe book idea. That will be such a meaningful gift.

    Hasn't word trickled up there that it is May? lol The snow is supposed to be over.


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