Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Stamp Weekend Recap & Other Stuff

Finally, a stolen moment to post about my stamp weekend a few days ago. First off, I had a WONDERFUL time. Lue, my friend (woman in the picture below, standing at the table making a card), is the owner of the cabin (with her hubby Joe, of course). Besides Lue & I, two other women joined us for the stamping festivities.....Teeny and Paula. Teeny and her husband are friends of Lue and Joe's, and Paula is Teeny's sister-in-law.

Can I just say, both these ladies are a hoot? Hi girls! We had SO much fun together, all of us! Lue and I went up Wednesday evening, got our stuff set up and organized and stamped til 12am or so. We stamped ALL day on Thursday, until Teeny came up at 1030p. Then we stamped some more and I think we stayed up til almost 2am! Now THAT'S what I call a PERFECT day! Nothing but stamping and eating. It was sheer heaven ladies!

Paula came up on Friday, by noon. I have never been so happy to see someone in my LIFE. Why? Well, when I was unpacking after we first got to the cabin Wednesday night, I had a moment of sheer and utter horror when I realized I had forgotten my big tub of cardstock and designer paper AT HOME!!! I WAS SICK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only good news is that we could call Paula and have her bring it up for me when she came up Friday. Poor Lue, I had to use all of her cardstock and designer paper since I had NONE. I was going through such withdrawls not having MY paper to use. Lue doesn't use it as much designer paper as I do, but I managed to muddle through just fine in the end. Thanks Lue!!!

Anyways, I ended up making about 130 cards, can you believe it? I was so happy I got that much made--it felt so good to have a stash again! Lue got a few more cards made than I did, Teeny got like 22 scrapbook pages done, and I think Paula got about 18 or 19 scrapbook pages done! We were doing some serious creatin' the whole weekend!

I am showing you these pictures so you can see what our setup was and how JAM PACKED we had the cabin with our crap! Seriously, if the place had burned down, about $100,000 of our "stuff" would have gone up in smoke! Between the four of us, we brought everything but the kitchen sink! But I loved it and had a great time. I could have stayed two or three more days if hubby would have allowed it!

So, are you ready to see one of the cute cards I made? It's one of my favorites. I actually needed to use up some scraps of uber fun paper from K & Company, and this is what I came up with. Sort of a patchwork quilt Mother's Day card. I LOVE these papers! If you like fun, bright colors, this pad of bright colored, doublesided paper is for YOU! It's called Berry Sweet, and I can honestly say, I have never seen so many luscious patterns/colors in my whole life. I could eat it all up! Be on the lookout for it at Archivers.....

Well, since this post has gone on for so long, I'll just leave you with a few more tidbits....

  • Doug started at part-time job at Caribou Coffee to earn a few extra bucks. They offer health insurance, but not until you've been there 3 months. They are great people and he's enjoying himself so far!
  • He's got at least three job interviews in process right now, all out of state. At this point, we'll take whatever we can get, regardless of location (well, if it was someplace yukky I'd put my foot down, but none of the places he's interviewing with is in a yukky place).
  • I have a full-time job interview Thursday at a small agency near the Mall of America. I am reluctant to go back to full-time work, but we are in the desperate stages right now, and sometimes you just have to do what you've gotta do.
  • Ken had a biopsy last Tuesday, and ended up getting pneumonia from the procedure (they punctured the lung and he got a slow leak that caused the problem). At the same time, they chose to start radiation to try and reduce the inflamation of the duram (?), which I believe is the skin surrounding the brain. It's inflamed and causing him headaches and vision issues. He will also be starting chemo this week, once every three weeks.

Whew, I think that's it. Prayers are still highly desired if you are a prayer person. I'm having a hard time of it with all of this, but something has to turn for the better soon. At least I'm praying that's the case! Thanks to everyone for your constant support, you are amazing women!



  1. 130 cards is just a few days? You were smokin', girl! Love your bright and cheery card.

  2. Amy, I'm so glad that you had a fabulous time away - I'm sure you must have felt a little better when you returned & I still can't get over 130 card - holy, girl!

    I'm glad that your hubby has interviews & you do too - sending good luck hugz your way. Good luck to you both!

  3. oh my WORD that card is AWESOME!!! i'd love dimensions for each of the pieces, since i LOVE the tiny "caulking" of white that peeks through around each one! glad you had such a productive (my WORD, girl!) and encouraging weekend.

    servin' the brew is a great way to get health insurance, as i well know! i'm off to do that right now, in fact. will keep remembering you. how encouraging it must be to doug that you're willing to go wherever and do whatever to support the fam. perhaps God'll take you someplace WARM after all those years in frigidity in MN! it's beautiful in GA...

  4. Hi Amy, thanks for the update on "life". Best wishes on all the new job situations. And you're right, I've found that we always are able to do what we have to do. Your card is absolutely gorgeous. STOP with the enabling. Like I really need more paper...Where did you say you got it? LOL.

  5. That is a beautiful card. Looks like you guys all had a great time!

  6. looked like you all had a great time...I probably would've only made 10 cards...I'm a very slow

    You and your family are still in my prayers....and I'm prayin' hard.

  7. Looks like a great weekend. I love your card. Very bright and pretty. I hope things turn around for your family very soon.

  8. 130 cards??? HOLY COW!! You go girl!
    Still praying for ya! Don't limit God.

  9. What a wonderful break you had - would have loved to have been there! The Mother's day card is really colourful and sunny! The news on jobs is looking a little better too - good and let's hope it imporves further! Ken and pneumonia isn't at all great news but I am sure with God's help he will fight it. Take care. Janine

  10. WOW, I am so jealous of your weekend get away. Good for you!
    Some of my friends are starting to get together once a month and I am realy looking forward to it.
    Prayers are being lifted up for you and your family.
    Love your blog. Keep up the good work.

  11. So jealous that you got to make so many cards :-) I need a stamping getaway!! & the card is BEAUTIFUL. Love the patchwork design. Good job!

  12. Amy, first I'd like to let you know I'm sending prayers for you and your family. I hope things turn around for you all very soon.

    Your weekend getaway sounded like paradise to me!! What fun being with a bunch of friends and stamping/scrapbooking!! Wow you all had a ton of stuff there!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your card! I can never seem to pull these sorts of cards off when I try. The different pattern papers are fantastic!

    Have a wonderful evening! Good luck with your interview as well!

  13. Beautiful work - it seems like it was just the thing to get you away from it all for a little while - something we should all do.

    Best of luck with everything - we're thinking about you up here in Canada!!

    NL, Canada

  14. What a fantastically bright, funky card! My mom would adore it for sure.
    Looks and sounds like you had a great time Amy, so glad. You deserved it.
    Thanks for the update on your family too. I'm one of those that worries for other's until my insides hurt!

  15. Wow, you had a lot of fun. I know how much stress you have been under, and this was just what the doctor ordered. Thanks for the update. Keeping you in my prayers.

  16. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Wow, only to get away for two or three days just to stamp!!!!! That would be wonderful. Glad things are going well for you. Keep up the prayers.

  17. Love your beautiful card. The papers are gorgeous!

  18. First let me say---LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this card! The paper is beautiful and I so love the quilted look!

    I just said a prayer for Ken and you and Doug---you know the Lord sees the big picture----hang in there---

  19. First, this is such a cheerful card- absolutely love it! I'm so glad you had a great get-away! I have a much needed stamp get-a-way coming my way next weekend. I can already go ahead and tell you I will not be able to make 130 cards but I will have fun- friends, food, chick flicks and stamping- it don't get any better! I have a completely nosey question which you can certainly ignore if you choose- what type of job is Doug looking for? Please know that my prayers remain with you, Doug, Ken and the rest of your family! Take care!

  20. I love this card - the colours and patterns are all so gorgeous. Really beautiful card.

  21. hugs Amy--you have soo much on your plate right will get through this....continued prayers...

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your card!


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