Friday, April 25, 2008

Running out of cards

Can you believe it? I'm running out of cards to show you! I have hardly stamped this week, and certainly haven't found the time to take photos of the few things I have managed to make. So, today you get a card I made when I was up at my friend's cabin back in March! Yikes! It's time to kick my butt in gear and stamp!

Even though this is an "old" card, I love it! These cards with one layer are SO simple and quick. You need cards like this in your repitoire so don't get so bogged down in serious projects all the time. Easy stuff like this lightens the load when it needs lightening! Switch it up a bit; detailed projects and simple's the secret happy stamping!

Today I am spending time with my girlfriend Sharon. She is taking me out for a pedicure, how sweet is that? We'll spend the day chatting away, laughing and enjoying each other's company. Gotta love girlfriends. This morning I spent some time memorizing my medical terms. Wednesday's lesson was Respitory Root Terms and Cardiovascular Root Terms, both somewhat difficult! The hubby just quizzed me on what I've learned so far, and I'm at about 50/50. I am really enjoying learning again! It's just harder to fit studying into the everyday rat race that is my life, so that's been a learning process. I am bound and determined though, to ace this course.

Well, it's time to sign off for the day. I hope you like the simplistic nature of today's card. Why don't you give it a try too? No layers, just keep it simple.



  1. Stunning - simply stunning! Oh I wish my Always set would get here!!
    I love how it looks great in bold, vibrant colors or in the soft, romantic colors!

  2. Yeah, I agree, Amy. Simple is sometimes just what the doctor ordered, for me at least. Last night I made 3 cards with non-SU products and just made them really basic and ya know, the more I look at them, the more I love simple. :) Thanks for confirming my thoughts.

    p.s. love the Always set used this way. Pretty.

  3. OH I just LOVE what you do with this backgrounder! I just got it, but it hasn't seen ink yet. I am definitely casing one of your ideas. . .they are all fabulous!

  4. Amy, I love your take on bright, fun and fresh! I love it...just might have to case this one!

  5. I love the clean look of this card Amy! It's so pretty!
    I hope you had an enjoyable day with your girlfriend! Sounds like a lot of fun!

  6. Very pretty! I'm going to have to buy the bird! I love everything about it!

  7. I think that card is fantastic, Amy! What stamps did you use?
    Sara in WI

  8. This card is fabulous! I remember in nursing school feeling like I was learning a new language at times! Now after being an ER nurse for 16 years (oh, my goodness- am I THAT OLD) it is second nature. My poor hubby (who happens to have a PhD in Aerospace Engineering- no dummy for sure) just looks at me and says "speak English, please!" Feel free to e-mail me, gal if you have any questions or just need an ear!

  9. wauw, i love to way you've made this card. It's so very simple. Have to try it myself sometime.

  10. This is beautiful, Amy!! Lovely design and colors!!

  11. This card is stunning, I love those pops of colors! Really beautiful! I think I am drawn to simple cards! :-)


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