Friday, April 04, 2008

More Pink & Green

Can you tell I love pink and green together? I think every one of my cards this week has contained these two colors! I am definitely on a bright color kick. Enough of those boring, muted, deep, rich colors of winter. It's time to spice it up a little in the card department!

I brought this bird stamp set to the cabin with me last weekend because I hadn't used it in months. The designer paper that I used was my friend Lue's (remember, I forgot all my paper?????). I really like the paisley look of it!

I've done cards like this one before, except I added the photo squares in the corner and the scalloped sentiment this time. I like how it turned out, although I can't imagine making more than one of these....too much work! I need simple, easy, non-complicated designs when I'm trying to stock up my personal stash.

For those of you who are interested, my interview went pretty well yesterday. I was a little rusty, but the woman who was interviewing me was pretty laid back, so I don't think I got dinged for too much! She has another interview today, so if I don't hear from her by end of day today, I have to call her Wed, since she's leaving for a business trip either tonight or Monday. I can't remember.

I went bra shopping yesterday after my interview. I went to Nordstrom's where they have "professional" bra sizers (is that even a real job?) Can I just tell you, bra's are expensive??????????? Jeepers. The one I had chosen was $78, so after thinking about dropping that much money on one item, I put it back on the rack and left thinking I could just go to Kohl's instead and probably buy 10 bras for the price of the one I turned away from at Nordstrom's. Well, I did go to Kohl's after Nordstroms. I bought 2 bras (which I didn't try on first) and three pairs of underwear for $80, promptly brought them home and found out they didn't fit, even though I bought the size Nordstrom's had just measure me at. Go figure. Doesn't that just irk you? I wish the government would regulate clothing sizes and force all manufacturers to abide by them. What a waste of time. Now I have to bring the bras and undies BACK to Kohls and decide whether or not I'm going back to Nordstroms to buy the bra that costs a small fortune but fit perfectly, or go TRY on other bras at Kohl's? The key here would have been to try on the bras at Kohl's before I purchased them, but please, I had just done that at Nordstrom's and didn't feel like stripping down AGAIN in Kohl's. Since I wear a bra every single day, it's probably worth it to buy something that's high quality and fits perfectly. It makes perfect sense, but since we're short on cash these days, I thought I'd be frugal and try and get more for my money. I'm not sure that's such a great idea when it comes to a piece of clothing you wear constantly!

Well, have a wonderful day, I think spring has FINALLY arrived here in MN!!!!! Woo-hoo! Yesterday it was over 50, and I think by tomorrow we might have 60's! The sun is shining brightly in my eyes right now through my office window, and I love it! Hopefully it will melt all the snow away by the end of the weekend!



  1. Oh I love this card!

  2. I love this card what a great way to start my day. You started my bird addiction and I keep buying them. I am so glad that you are back to start my day. Have a good one.

  3. Absolutely love this card! The bright colors are great and the embossing on the bird- perfection. Funny story- When my first daughter was about 18 months old her very tired mother decided she should chuck her old nursing bras and go by a proper bra. My now ex-husband and I were seperated at the time and I had no one to watch little one so she went shopping (at Kohl's, no less) with me. While I was standing in the dressing room without any clothes on from the waist up, my darling daughter decides to take my poor ratty nursing bra, put it around her shoulders and dash as fast as her little feet could carry her out of the dressing room! Of course, I'm throwing on my shirt as I run to catch the little imp! Just lately my youngest daughter (age 4) looked at me as I was dressing and said "I like your nipple lifter, Mommy!" Kids!!!!!

  4. I adore the cute card!!! You are so right about using fun cheery colors. And hey send me some of that warmth. Here in Michigan its still a little dreary but finally yesterday the sun was out and I think we made it to the upper 40's! {woke up to rain today - umpf!} Oh well. I can hear you on the bra thing. Mine are so worn out but we're so tight on money that I've not gotten a new one either. However, if you have an outlet mall anywhere near by I can tell you that Jockey Outlet stores usually have great deals on nice bras; like buy one get one free and stuff like that. The are pretty and they are great quality. Hope you have a great day - and I said a prayer for you about the interview too.

  5. Fabulous card, Amy! I'm lovin' the pink & green. Your bra story totally cracked me up! Why aren't clothing sizes regulated??? :)

  6. Wow....beautiful card. I love the little paisley bird...pretty wild!!! Joan

  7. Love this card, Amy! Pink and green is one of my favorite color combinations! And I hear ya on the bra thing... I hate bra shopping! lol

  8. girl, i like pink and green together too! this is spunky, just like you.

    i HEAR you about shopping for bras. oh my do i need to replace the two i currently own, but i HATE HATE HATE to shop for them, so i keep putting it off.

    you must try bras on because even manufacturers change their styles from year to year--WHY?--so that a bra you used to be able to buy off the rack because it fit perfectly and now doesn't. it's a racket, i tell you. i'm with you; a size should be a size, regardless of manufacturer.

    enjoy your spring! we're on break from school here, so we're enjoying the laidback life...more time for stampin' and sleeping!

    thanks for the update on the job.

  9. Bras and bathing suits... shopping for those items sucks! I think my days of the $10 sales rack bras are long gone.... I forked over around $50 for my last bra. But like you said, it's something you wear everyday and if you average the price out.... a good bra is worth a dollar a day, right?!!!!!!

    Love your card, too!!! A great way to welcome Spring :)

  10. Amy, I'm happy to hear that your interview went pretty well! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!

    LOL @ the bra thing...we've all been there! I agree, it's better to spend the money on a good one. If you buy a cheap one you KNOW, you are going to be tuggin' at it all day or pulling the bra straps back

    Your card is ADORABLE...I really like those colours together too! thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Cute card! I like how you stamped the birds on DP :) I had the pleasure of bathing suit shopping yesterday and left it all behind! Didn't like how anything fit! As for bras... my SIL took my oldest son into La Senza with her one day, while the rest of us were still behind in another store, and he walked in and said, "oh - it's all for boobs!" (5 yrs old) She declared him much more fun to shop with than her boys :)

  12. funny you just went bra shopping... i just went two days ago. you are SO right bras ARE expensive! for so little substance... i had to pay 54. for one bra! i guess it is worth it though... they do work wonders! :)

    those bird stamps are great! too cute! pink & green ARE so good together! :)

  13. Super the piecing. Buy the one perfect bra and wear it till it's threadbare. You will love it and your clothes will fit and look better (spoken as a truly lopsided chick!).

  14. Very cute card. Love your bra
    Never been fitted by a professional...I think that would be uncomfortable in
    Good luck finding the perfect bra...and at a more reasonable price.

  15. I'm really enjoying all of the cards & sharing you have been doing, Amy. Personally I think a man invented bras as an instrument of torture when he was mad at his wife. roflol

  16. that is one adorable card--great colors and i love the dp! I cannot belive how many cards you got done at your crop--wowza! Totally productive!

    Your bra story cracks me up---I wouldl have done the same thing and kicked myself too. I have no idea why they are so expensive either.....geeepers!

  17. Love this card Amy and you've inspired me to use this set that I've had setting here un-inked for a couple months now. For shame!
    Love your bra story too and can relate. I know it's a LOT of $$, but go for the gusto and get the fitted one. YOU R WORTH IT!!!
    Smiles, Pam :)

  18. This from the voice of experience - spend the money for the one bra - yeah it's a lot, but you will thanks yourself for splurging on yourself, when this bra will last 3 times as long as the other ones. One other bit of advise - machine wash gentle and hang to dry - no dryer for that bra. That will help it last longer, too.

  19. I'd recommend taking note of the size/brand/style of the bra that fit well at Nordstrom's and see if you can find it somewhere else (online, or I think another commenter suggested an outlet store, perhaps Marshall's/TJ Maxx/Ross). I love the bra style I tried on at Nordstrom's several years ago but not the price they were asking. :) I still wear the style they recommended and get it for 40-50% less regularly.

    HTH! :)


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