Thursday, March 13, 2008


When I went away on the Crafty Ladies retreat last weekend, most of the stamps I brought with me are new ones from the most recent SU! catalog. One of the sets I brought and was anxious to try was So Cool. I bought the set because I have a houseful of boys and am constantly on the lookout for manly stamps I can use on cards for them. I've tried, but flowers just don't go over well with them. LOL.

On this card, I used the paper that most inspired me last weekend! Remember the baby boy card I posted a few days ago using the same stuff? Isn't it awesome? Stripes and numbers, does anything say "boy" better?

It was such a simple card-I stamped the main "dude" image in Colorbox Fluid Chalk ink in Chestnut Roan. It was stamped on Very Vanilla. I stamped the image again on some coordinating red paper and then cut out the "that is so cool" sentiment and adhered it to the Very Vanilla image. I matted it on Real Read cardstock and then cut around it with some scalloped pinking shears.

Has anyone ever used REAL scallop pinking shears? I'm not talking about the cheap scallop scissors you buy at Micheal's that end up wrecking your paper because they are duller than Simon Cowell. I'm talking about the heavy, stainless steal and black pinking shears of your grandmother's day. I used someone's at the retreat last weekend and they were HEAVENLY!!! When we finally get a job again around here, I plan on buying myself some, since they are so expensive. They aren't exactly what I would call a "necessity", which is about all we're buying these days. But I cut so many scallops when I make my cards, that the investment will definitely be worth it!

I finally, by the grace of God, reached Thursday alive. I swear, M-W wear me out. Mostly because of BSF. But this week, add a freelance tv buy and a sick hubby to the list of things to take care of, and you're talking you've got a major, overwhelmed woman on your hands. Hubby is so sick with fever, cold and cough that I haven't slept well in three nights (of course, he hasn't slept well either).

Last night he was so bad I finally went to the couch in a major huff. I couldn't stand all the coughing, sniffing and loud breathing/snoring anymore. He was just breathing his sick germs all over me and I wasn't going to have it anymore. If I get what he has, I can end up in the hospital in a second flat (I had streptococcal pneumonia in '96, was deathly ill, and have permanent lung damage because of it), so I have to protect myself. I'm not just being a mean, crabby, selfish wife. I cannot, must not, get this infection from him. I've got an antibiotic prescription on file at the pharmacy should I begin to feel the first stirrings of a cough settling in my lungs. For the past three or so years, I have taken a one week antibiotic course each month to boost my immune system to ward off these sorts of bugs that go around every year. From October to March. It has done wonders protecting me! And because my lungs are so sensitive, I'm pretty good at knowing when something is settling in, so I can get a head start on antibiotics before things get bad.

Did I just overshare? LOL! I bet you never thought you'd learn that about me today, did you? Well, today holds a lunch with one of my radio rep girlfriends (I am her client), and then I have an appointment with a new ob/gyn doctor. I haven't seen a real ob doctor since my kids were born, so I felt it was time to find one now that I'm nearing the age of you-know-what. The big "M" word. I am a little nervous, as I haven't had a male dr. in a zillion years. My old ob was a woman, and my internist is a woman as well. I had a bad experience with a male ob/gyn many, many years ago, and at that point vowed I would never go to another man again (ob). But, this new dr. is a apparently wonderful, so I thought I'd bite the bullet and get in to see him. I'll let you know how it goes.

On a separate note, would anyone be willing to do an image exchange with me? I am in need of a few great Gina K. images and some golfbella images as well. I would be willing to give you whatever images you want in return (of course, images that I actually have the stamps for:)). If you do, drop me an email so we can get the details worked out.

Thanks! Have a great day! It is warming up here and I am so happy about it!



  1. supah cute card Amy!

  2. Great guy card, Amy--unghhh, unghhh! I hadn't even considered this set form the catalog, but I really like y=how you've used it and the papers that you chose to enhance it!

  3. love it! super cute!

  4. jen del muro2:08 PM

    this is so cute!! sending you some hugs!! -jd

  5. {Here are some stay well prayers for you!!!!} I hope you don't get what your DH has. The kids and I never caught what Jim had, so maybe you won't. THAT dr appt is the worst anyway. Hope it turned out good for you. LOVE that card! I need that DUDE stamp for alex. :)
    Happy Day to you!

  6. hi im a new blogger ,i really like this birthday card even the colors used , really pretty:) thanks for sharing

  7. Can you say teen boy?!? And that is not easy to accomplish with stamps and paper.

    I have a bella. I think she's called teeoffabella though. If that works for you, let me know what you want and I'll send them out right away.

  8. What a cool teen card. Even my daughter says "Dude" these days for everything..the lingo of teens. I have lots of bellas, but not teeoffbella. Good luck. Have a fabulous weekend Amy~


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