Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cast Your Cares On Him


Look at these luscious cupcakes I made this weekend! And I made them from SCRATCH, from the batter to the butter cream frosting! Woo-hoo! I've been looking for a great cupcake recipe for Easter because that's what I'm bringing to my brother's house for our family gathering next weekend. These were a sort of "test run" if you will this weekend for the big day (Easter). They were good, but I think I want something a little lighter and "springy" tasting. Like a sweet lemon cake, yummy.

Saturday night we had my FIL over for some supper (grilled beef tenderloin and garlic mashed potatoes). I had a bug up my butt to make popovers! Why? Who knows! I used to make these all the time in our early years of marriage, but having kids changed all that. Who's got time to wait 50 minutes for a popover to bake? Not with hungry kids underfoot. So, needless to say, they fell by the wayside. These ones turned out ok, but I think I still need a little practice and the right recipe to be 100% satisfied. Puuuurty though, aren't they? I LOOOOOVE popovers!

All in all, it was a pretty relaxing weekend. Hung around the home front for the most part. I love being at home, don't you? Unfortunately, I didn't get a lick of stamping done which bums me out. How did that happen? Hopefully I might get a card or two made sometime today.

This is a card I made on Friday for my SIL & BIL.

They are the ones that we go and visit out in Fairfax, VA. It is my husband's sister. J & K have been married just over 25 years. He served in the US Marine Corp for 20 years until his retirement a few years ago. He is 54 (I think:)). They have two sons, 26 and 22. This is a picture of K & my boys at Muriel's funeral last September. Last week, they found a tumor on K's neck that they are nearly certain is cancerous. He has not been feeling well for months now. Had back pain that he initially went to an ortho for and then on to PT. The PT didn't work, so he went to a few more specialists, but checked out fine by those guys. Once back in the ortho's office, he asked for the MRI, and the rest is history. On Friday he had CT of his abdomen, pelvic and lungs. Tomorrow he is having a bone scan. Why? Because they are pretty sure the tumor in his neck is NOT the primary tumor. Which means the cancer has spread.

Until we know more, I will not panic and automatically think the worst. Ken is a fighter through and through (I mean, come on, he's a MARINE!!!!). He will not go through this without fighting like a Marine. He has a positive outlook on everything and doesn't dwell on the negative. I will take my lead from him. In the meantime, I thought I would send the two of them this card to remind them of the strength they have in Jesus, and the hope they have in His promises. We can cast all our cares on Him and He will bring us comfort to weather the storms in our lives. I saw these lyrics on a blog called Christian Women Online yesterday.....

I Know by Darrell Evans

Though I'm walling through the valley
of the darkest hour I've known,

Lord don't You leave me all alone

When I'm surrounded by the shadows

That seem to feed my fear

I will trust You

Though I may not feel You here

We need to trust in Him. This is something I am learning minute by minute in the difficulties we are experiencing this year. I have had many dark hours, and yet, I know He still walks beside me. He has not left me. I continually speed ahead and leave Him walking alone. He has never left me, but sometimes it feels like he has. That's my fault, not His. I need to learn to walk side by side, and stop rushing ahead trying to find my way by myself. It's not working. And He keeps reminding me of that fact! We obviously will need to trust Him in this latest valley we have found ourselves in with K. Please pray for him if you are able. I will update you once we find out the test results.

In the meantime, be strong. I say that as much for myself as I do for you. Walk steady beside Christ and He will see us through. He promises that for you. And for me. Thank heavens.


p.s. Sorry for the lack of details on the card! I made it with my new PTI Everyday Blessings set, which I love. I made the background with stamps, there's not a stitch of designer paper on this paper. The background and cross are colored with Copics. I am really happy with how it turned out!


  1. I will definitely have your BIL in my prayers and his whole family! On a happier note, those cupcakes look delish. Want to reach right through and grab one...cupcakes are my favorite, you know!! Did you make enough for sharing? Happy Monday to you and we will hold out for some good news! Lisa K

  2. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Beautiful Card, Amy! Sorry about your BIL. My thoughts and prayers are with him.
    Peggy S.(Ohio)

  3. So sorry to hear your news about your BIL. I will lift him in prayer friend. I am sorry that once again your family is facing difficult times ahead. Hang in there, Your faith is strong and God will guide you along the way.

    And that card by the way is soooo lovely!

  4. barb hendrickson10:25 AM

    My prayers will go up for Kevin,Amy, and all of his family. This will most likely be the fight of his life. May he know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, God's strength and peace.

    Gorgeous card!! One of my favorites that you have ever made, in fact.


  5. Amy ((hugs)) I know exactly what you are going through (we are going through something similar now)...don't worry until you have to (if you have to) and keep saying prayers. It is hard to trust when things don't go the way we plan but we need to remember that God has the plans not us. Thank you for sharing. I will be praying for him.

  6. God bless you family. This is really tough news but I'm so glad that you are staying positive. That will really help everyone.

  7. i really like the card, amy, and i needed the reminder about not getting ahead emotionally when there is not sufficient information. sometimes working things over in my mind seems like doing something, instead of trusting, which seems like doing nothing (even though it's not).

    thanks for sharing...

  8. I love your "siggi" Amy! I think I'll start offering those as a service soon...TOO CUTE!!!!

    You and your family are in my thoughts.

  9. Anonymous5:59 AM

    Love the card!
    I will pray for your BIL. God's WILL will reign.
    I have to go to the store and make some CUPCAKE"S YUM!
    You are quite the enabler!

  10. marciad11:11 AM

    Beautiful card. Hope all goes well with your BIL's treatment. I'm in Annandale VA. You probably go by here to visit family.

  11. Beautiful card Amy! I love the dimension and bg.


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