Sunday, February 03, 2008

Got Chocolate?

In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, I thought I'd share this card I made last week.

I'm sure lots of you will be munching on chocolate today while attending a Super Bowl party with friends, right? We plan on heading over to our friends, the Newby's, around 4pm for a turkey dinner. I had taken a pork butt out yesterday to make pulled pork for dinner today, so we'll just bring that with us--the more food the merrier, right????? RIGHT!

I bought the penguin stamp from Anna Wight a few months back, mostly because my husband loves penguins and he loves to cook. But for the life of me, I couldn't find a sentiment appropriate to use with it. I've been searching and searching and searching. Finally, I found this "got chocolate" sentiment at my LSS last week and I snatched it up lickity-split. I figured it was good enough!

Isn't the penguin adorable?? I love the brown polka dot paper and the colorful starburst paper that I used on the card. Both are from KI Memories. I paper pieced the apron and hat. As you can see, I used my Janome Sew Mini too! This was just a really simple card that went together so quickly. Gotta love that.

So, has everyone had a chance to read the news about all the new stamp designers for PaperTrey? Oh my word, what a coo for Nicole Heady. The list of new stamp designers includes Lisa Johnson, Alli Miles, Heather Nichols, Melissa Bickford, and Candice Aguilar. I've met Lisa and Heather before, and I've come to know Alli via email. The other two I don't know. I am so thrilled for all these women and the incredible opportunity Nicole has placed in their laps. They must be giddy with excitement! I know I am for them. Congrats ladies!! I can't wait to see their new stamp lines!

Hearing about the incredibly good fortune of these women makes me want the same thing for myself. This year, I want to attract good things to my life. Do you believe that you attract good things into your life? Isn't there a book about this very subject that Oprah talks about? I'm not so sure I believe that, I am of the belief God is at the forefront of every good thing that happens to us. After reading about Alli and Lisa, a tiny, tiny part of me wished it was happening to ME!!!! Isn't that silly? Since it's not happening to me though, I will use it as a motivating force for my future success instead. I need to set clear and managable goals for myself. I need to ask myself these questions.... "What is it that I want out of this hobby?" and, "Do I want this to be more than just a hobby?" and finally, "Do I have what it takes to take it to the next level?" The answers to these questions aren't so clear in my mind right now. It's obvious I need to take some time to figure things out. But if I want more for myself, then I need to pray to God about it and ask Him to lead me in the direction in which I should go. Honestly, I feel like I'm on the cusp of some really great things, but I just don't know what they are quite yet. It's just a feeling I have. It's like it's right on the tip of my tongue. But it's frustrating because I can't put it into words yet.

Well, enough pontificating. I need to get some stampin' done before we head out today. Plus, I need to get to the gym, as much as I hate the thought of bundling up and heading out into the cold. But if I want to eat today, exercise is a must! Have fun watching the Super Bowl!



  1. Darling card Amy!!

  2. You are certainly not the only person wishing that what's happening for Lisa & Alli was happening for themselves!!! I am positively pea green with envy, but at the same time so incredibly happy for them!! And how great that you are using this as motivation to make things happen for yourself - best of luck to you!! Oh and super cute card too btw. :-)

  3. you found the perfect sentiment..what a cute card! Excuse to eat chocolate!!!

    I think it is totally normal to want fun and exciting things to happen....just try to be careful to make the things you LOVE become too much like work or otherwise you have negated the point for the hobby in the first place.

    I love stopping by to hear all of your insights and words of wisdom---and the eye candy doesnt hurt either.


  4. Hi Amy,
    I am just dropping by to thank you so much for your comments on my blog and for the kind words you have shared here.

    When I started off in this industry I just wanted a way to explore my creativity. Teaching SU! class and workshops was so much fun—not only creating projects but also the friendships I developed with other stampers. As time went on my goal was to extend my teaching through my blog (most of my customers lived far away). Little did I know what was in store for me next.

    One of the goals I have had from the beginning was sharing my love and passion for something. I know that God has blessed me with many gifts and I know that teaching is my calling. Something I didn’t know when I went through the education program in university was that teaching could look WAY different than just standing in front of a classroom. I look at this opportunity (and all the opportunities I have been blessed with) as a means of showing people that they can do anything they desire.
    The premise behind the book A New Earth: Get Ready To Be Awakened (Oprah’s new book club selection) sounds interesting (I think that is the one you are referring too…or perhaps it’s The Secret)…anyways, you know your beliefs so trust in Him --Trust in the Lord, and do good. Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee desires of thine heart. Psalm 37:3-4 One thing I do know is that God does want us to give our best and to share our gifts with others. After all we are made in His image.

    When I look at you and the feats you have accomplished this year I stand and applaud. Amy, last year was such a tough year for you and look at how you handled things. In my eyes, that is something to be proud of. Your openness and willingness to share those vulnerable moments was incredible. You are such a "relatable" person…we feel comforted in all you share.

    I believe good things are in store for you whether paper craft related or something different. You are an inspiration Amy and I have drawn from the strength and courage you have shared with all of us.

    Please feel free to drop me a line so we can talk more. I’d like that!

    Alli Miles

    P.S. LOVE your card!

  5. I really don't get it all. The need to be on design teams and stuff like that. I stamp because it give me a creative outlet, something I have always needed in my life, and it makes ME happy. My family and friends are so appreciative of the cards and gifts I make for them and that makes me happier than the the stress of 'designing for a living' could ever make me. Albiet, I have a full time job and stamping is a hobby so I'm not looking for a career. If you're looking for gratification, just look at the faces of the recipients of your handmade gifts, and the comments of your faithful readers, I don't think you can get more gratification and reward than that.

  6. Hi Amy,
    With your whole theme of TRIUMPH this year... you have got to see the movie "Facing the Giants." After my husband finished watching the Superbowl and we put the kids to bed, we watched that movie (about football, so it fit the Superbowl mood). Gather your family - your boys will love it, too, (and get some tissues for yourself!) It was made by a Baptist church in Albany Georgia and it is awesome!

    The other book you're talking about, I think, is the Secret... you may also want to check out "Decoding the Secret - the Law of Attration from a Biblical Perspective"

    Have a great week! Your words are such and inspiration and I love how you are sharing your journey with your readers. God bless!

  7. Anonymous4:58 AM

    Oh my gosh I was prepared to leave a comment about how I felt that you must have literally been visiting my head lately cause everything you have been feeling, ditto for me to. Then I read Alli's comment and wow what a boost of encouragement. I feel as though I have begun a journey of learning so much since I started blogging. I felt like everything I made was mediocre or just alright. But in just a few short months I find so many times I make something and I think, wow, that looks really good. I get excited sometimes because I feel like God has something very special in mind for me. Yesterday, after church, I was thinking about how sometimes God places an idea in my head about what I can do with my creativity but I just brush it off with. Oh I don't know if I'm good enough for that. Or I don't know if I have the time to commit to that. Well you know what? I'm gonna stop brushing and start stampin. I'm gonna stop questioning and start doing and wait with anticipation to see where He leads me!

  8. Amy,
    Your honesty always inspires me. I understand your feelings (as I have them myself) and I am inspired by how you use this to become a positive motivator. (kinda slaps Satan in the face with his own negative whispers)

    Thanks for your honest writing AND your beautiful card!

    Have an TRIUMPHANT week!!

  9. Hey Amy! Love the card. The paper reminds me of chocolate with sprinkles. Gee, you're making me hungry. Best wishes on exploring yourself and setting your own personal, and most importantly achievable goals. Reach one, then set a higher one.

  10. Love your adorable penguin and that paper is fabu. Here's wishing you find what you are looking for in 2008, goal setting is a good thing and think baby steps!

  11. This is so cute and fun!! I love it!

    As always, I wish you the very best at reaching the goals you set for yourself. Hugs!

  12. I love all of your cards and creations! This penguin card is adorable! I too often feel like you do. I often ask myself if I am good enough. I have yet to be published, although that is a goal of mine this year. I don't think you are alone in your feelings! There are many of us out there that feel like you....


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