Sunday, February 10, 2008

Basketball Shots!

Good morning! Here are a few of the 342 shots I took yesterday at my son's basketball tournament. We won our first two games and then lost our third, so this afternoon we'll play for third place. They played great, but the last team we played got the best of us! In these two shots, my son is the player in red jumping for the ball. Of the 342 shots I took, I kept about 70! Yowza! I love digital for that reason, you can take as many as you want, but you can delete the ones that don't turn out! Gotta love digital!

The sympathy card I'm sharing with you today is one I made last weekend. It was really easy (I feel like I'm saying that alot lately). The bird stamps come from my Inkadinkado stamp set that I bought a little while ago that is sold only at Archivers and AC Moore. The sentiment comes from the SU set called Close As A Memory. It's time for me to find some new sympathy sets....this one is getting boring since I use it all the time!

I plan on getting some stamping done today before we play basketball again. That's not until 440p tonight, so I should have enough time to get some stamping done!

On a separate note, I am in need of some IDEAS!!!! In a few weeks we will be leaving for a big basketball tournament that is out of town. It's the biggest of the season, where everyone from the whole state descends on the town of Rochester, MN. Our whole teams stays in the same hotel, and we play basketball and have fun all weekend! Typically, the mom's decorate the players doors with some sort of SIGN wishing the boys good luck. I, of course, want our door decorations to be the best so I'm needing some ideas on what we can do. I also want to make the boys some little fun buckets filled with goodies to put in their rooms welcoming them to the tournament. There are 9 boys total, so I need alot of buckets! Wouldn't you know it, Target doesn't have any buckets out right now in their $1 section, or if they do, they're pink. Red or silver would be cool, but I haven't seen any red ones right now, just striped valentine colors. Any ideas on what I could use instead of buckets? Please help!!!!


  1. You got some great shots during the game. Sounds like a fun time at the future tournament too. I was thinking about your need for those little buckets - what about buying the pink ones & painting them silver? Also, does Target has the little mailboxes? They would be great - they come in red, white or pink & it doesn't take much to decorate them.

  2. Beautiful sympathy it!
    About the buckets...Wal-Mart carries a small silver one that's cute...I think it runs 98 cents. It's in the craft section, near the florals.

  3. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Goodness, I wish I was closer. Just after Christmas I picked up shiny red paint cans...think you can find something like that? With the message, paint the town red?

    Good luck!

    Tanya Frost

  4. What about visiting your local Dollar Store? Or possibly use chinese take-out boxes instead of little buckets? Perhaps you can find un-adorned ones at Michaels???

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog! I read it every day!

    Good luck on your project!!

  5. Idea #1 red baskets instead of buckets-I've seen some at WalMart
    Idea #2 red 'sweat' (hand)towels for the baskets
    Idea #3 big red gum/atomic fireballs (or hot tamales) for hot players/cherry mash candy to smash the opponent/

    Good Luck...

  6. I was thinking about the little draw string bags...the boys could reuse them. I think they carry them at a dollar store. Great idea!

  7. Cindy H.11:48 AM

    That card is gorgeous! I'm going to have to get that bird!!!!

    Do you have a party store nearby? How about pop-corn containers - you could add some twine (since it's for boys, lol) to hang them from door knobs, or use chinese take-out boxes. Also, they sometimes have pail w/shovel for theme parties that could work. Here's a thought how about the grocery store (might be cheaper than the party store) they have those large/deep cups for sodas in the paper plates aisle. Good luck!

  8. What a beautiful card! Isn't the Inkadinkado set so versatile! Do you mind sharing with me the brand of the wonderful PP? If you have time for ordering you might find the buckets on Oriental Trading. Hope you share your basketball projects with us! My DD cheers for basketball and I'm always looking for inspiration!

  9. Anonymous12:48 PM

    I allso wish I lived closer to you!!!I have alot of the buckets left white and red. I allso think the take out boxes and the drawsting bags sound like a great idea!!! I don't know if your Michael's has them but I seen there basketball containers??? That would be another idea?? Good Luck!!! I read you blog everyday!!! Love it!!!! Thanks Kim

  10. Hi Amy,
    Instead of the buckets, small paint cans might be nice(since they are for boys they look more masculine too), I know I bought some at Home Depot before, but can't remember how much they cost.
    If you don't mind my asking, I live in Rochester - when is your tournament? My boys play hockey, so I know all about those tournament trips and the excitement and everything that comes with it.
    Pretty card , by the way- I love that bird stamp.

  11. If you are near a Michael's I am sure you can find something there. Don't forget the clearance section they have a lot of neat things in the clearance section. What about a sphere that you cut in half and paint to look like a basketball?


  12. why not see if your local KFC would donate some unused chicken buckets that you could alter using designer paper? i think they come in several sizes even, so you wouldn't have to fill up the biggest one with stuff!

    i'll be more than interested to see what you come up with!

    love the card with the cool dp!

  13. janet d.3:09 PM

    My vote was for Chinese take out boxes. (obviously a good one since someone else said it too!) Can't wait to see your creations!

  14. Such a pretty card, Amy! Love that bird!

  15. Great shots of the game. You take such good pictures. Mine never come out that good. What kind of camera do you use and on what setting do you put it on?? Could you drop me a line on that info?! I saw some silver buckets at Walmart in the valentine section. What about having a basketball bouncing in to a hoop as a door decoration??

  16. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Last year at Christmas I bought some silver paint buckets(about 8-10 inches tall) at Home Depot and took strips of patterned paper in 1 inch strips and cover the sides vertically. They were so cute!

    Look at this one on splitcoast stampers:

    Maybe less feminine version......

    Good Luck!

    P.S. I love all your bird cards!

  17. No idea on the buckets, but good luck on the tournament here in my town of Rochester. Hopefully you are playing downtown and are able to use the skyways. It has been downright chilly here.

  18. ppgoil8:13 AM

    i am too jealous! i loved being a basketball mom; the babies grow up way too fast so enjoy every MVP throw, late night road game, hard bleacher while you can. My local Target has the mini basketball sets (the kind you would set up on a trash can) How about using the net as the 'goodie' holder?

  19. Sara :)9:31 AM

    I kept trying to think of sports themed holders. Socks kept coming to mind but I'm not sure how to decorate that. The mini basketball or net is a GREAT idea!!!! I also liked the half cut sphere but the boys would DEFINATELY reuse the hoop above the trash can!!!!

    I'm thinking mum decorations for the door...including bells!

  20. I don't know how I missed this card earlier this week. It's beautiful! Love the soft birdies in the background. One of the best cards I've seen with this awesome set!

  21. I LOVE your card! Those colors and papers look wonderful!!


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