Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Triumph Tuesday

You all know my "word" this year is TRIUMPH. I thought it was important to detail exactly HOW I plan on triumphing this year over the things in my life that I pointed out needed help: weight/exercise, negative thoughts, prayer, unemployment, self-worth, and grief. I think it's admirable and all to have these goals, but it's more important that I have a plan to achieve them! I think that's how our best attempts at achieving resolutions goes sour, we don't make a plan on how to actually achieve our goals.

Today I'll focus on weight/exercise. I have decided to find an accountability partner to help me in this area. I have also decided on a motivating "tactic" to help keep me on track. It's a rather unconventional tactic, and I know it won't work for everyone, but I think it will work for me.

Recently, God brought a former friend back into my life. The friendship ended due to the ravages of addiction, hers, not mine. Three years later, God has plopped her right back into my life, front and center. WHHHHHHYYYYY???????????? I'm guessing he wants me to be a light in her life. At least that's the only reason I can think of right now.

She has decided to go through treatment one more time (the first time was 2 years ago). The first time was inpatient, this time she's choosing outpatient. Not a great idea, in my opinion. She knows I don't agree with it, but I'm not her, so it doesn't matter what I think.

To make a long story short, my motivating tactic is remembering what a battle my friend wages with drugs and alcohol everyday. I am expecting her to take care of her body and cut these things out of her life completely. It won't be easy. If I expect her to do this, I will expect myself to do the same in respect to eating right and exercising to keep my body healthy. We are both doing harm to our bodies, overeating is slightly less dangerous, but not really. In some ways, I will be waging the battle with her, side by side. If she has to fight the horrible battle to keep these killers out of her life, I can at least attempt to do the same. I can't imagine the power of this horrible addiction she is facing. It stopped short of completely ruining her life, but she is on the fence. If she doesn't do it this time, she faces sure death. That's the sobering reality of what addiction does to a person. If I have to suffer by eating less and getting my butt to the club more often, I think I can handle that in perspective to what she will surely endure in the months to come.

So there you have it, my unconventional motivating "tactic". I will remember the battle my friend is facing when I find myself whining about working out and instead wanting to eat a bag of M&M's. I mean really, is there a better motivation than the survival of a friend over the temporary fix a bag of M&M's might cure? I don't think so.

This motivating "tactic" got me through a great day yesterday. I watched what I flung into my mouth and I got my butt to the club. It felt great! I have great hopes for both of us! Together we can TRIUMPH, because God says we can!

But enough about me. As a reward for reading through this long post, here's a little eye candy for you. I made it last weekend...isn't this little butterfly adorable?????? YESSSSSS!!!!!



  1. This is so pretty! Love the paper and yes, that butterfly is adorable.
    I will pray for your success for your new healthy lifestyle...and in the meantime, if you need someone to take those m&m's off your hands, ...although it would be a great sacrifice, I would do it! ;)

  2. Hurrah for you AMY - I think you're right, God has placed this friend back in your life for a reason! Both of you can be helped. I'll pray that He will give you wisdom & discernment as you reach out to her. AND strength & stamina as you fight your battle! God will always bless sincere effort - especially when we rely on Him to empower us!

  3. i totally know what it's like sitting by and watching someone be controlled by the bottle. my BIL is facing it now. he's in treatment and hopefully this will be it. but, as you know, you never do know. i will be praying for you and your friend. and kudos to you for getting to the gym. bravo!!! it's not an easy task, but feels oh so good when you are done! :D

    thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Julie Brooks8:56 AM

    I love the way you open your heart and share with your readers! God is using you in ways you will never know! You are such a blessing!

  5. You can also be sure that you have lots of "friends" here online supporting you in your goals. Wishing you the best and lots of motivation. And your card is beautiful. You convey such happiness with your creations.

  6. Well done for standing by your friend, and yes I agree the fight to keep fit and eat healthy is just as important a battle as removing alcohol and drugs from your system. YOU CAN DO IT.........we are able to do anything with Gods grace and love.

  7. May God bless both your renewed commitment to your friend's healing, and your commitment to your own health. You can do this (Phil 4:18)!

    I needed a motivator too, so I decided to limit my time on-line to the same amount of time I spent on the treadmill or in other exercise that day, with a bonus 10 minutes for every quart of water I drink, and an additional 20 min. bonus if I meet my 10,000 step/day goal. It works, but my-oh-my I HATE it when my timer goes off and I am in the middle of some fabulous site! Quick! Drink some more water! LOL

  8. WAY TO GO! I am so proud of you! GO FOR IT! Remember, just as she will have to do it...baby steps. Conquer the baby steps!

    Your butterfly is fantabulous!

  9. ....and then again maybe she got plopped back in front of you to be YOUR light? you call observing her path a motivational tactic - maybe that was God's plan all along? (although she'll likely benefit from your love, understanding and support as well. just remember the word boundaries!)

  10. Anonymous8:55 PM

    I love,love,love this card. You just have a way with putting beautiful bright colors together in the perfect way! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Wow!! I don't know anything else to say!!! You are so Great!!! Good Luck to you and your friend. Amen!! Kim

  12. You can do it!!! Thanks for sharing your story...I am sure you have touched more people than you know!

    Love that card too--what a cheery card--totally would make anyone smile!

  13. Amy, you are a true friend and this is a wonderful thing you are doing. With you at your friends side through this I am praying she will overcome her deamons. My thoughts will be with you and her.

    And yes, your card is adorable but then all your work is a work of art.

  14. Ok Amy, I LOVE this card! The colors are great! What fun paper!

  15. I had someone very close to me totally TRIUMPH over his addiction. I don't know what kind of meeting he had with God during his treatment (he says it's just between him and God) but he is truly delivered from it. I know God can do the same for your friend! He is no respecter of person.

    By the way, I have been trying to think of a "word" for this year and I just LOVE yours. My husband has also been going through a job loss, I am working a full time job for the first time since having my children 11 years ago and it's been challenging for us. God is seeing us through every single day and we will triumph over these struggles!

    I love the scripture "Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world". Just knowing I have God in my heart gives me power to get through the days I just don't think I can get through.

    I hope this isn't too preachy. I just really enjoy your blog and your openess about your faith.

    God Bless!

  16. Sara ;)9:22 PM

    **Warning** Unsolicited advice coming your way!

    Ok she needs something new to do with her time...no more escaping reality! I know it may sound silly but a new circle of friends and maybe some crafting would help your friend. In situations like this it's more than comforting words and moral support that's needed its lifestyle changes!!!

    Amy you ROCK! I'm so glad to know you!

  17. Good luck with your resolutions and I am hoping that your friend can turn her life around. I love the butterfly card...the colors are so bright and fun. Fabulous!

  18. I so appreciate you sharing yourself with us...I tend to get very wrapped up in things that shouldn't be keeping my attention. Thanks for sharing your struggles, it reminds me that we all have them and that we can all triumph over them!

  19. this is one of the most amazing cards i have ever seen.. i guess it'st he type of style, the colors, the layout,, just flat out GORGEOUSSSS

    loveeee ittttt



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