Saturday, January 19, 2008

Scrap Stash Saturday!

Warning: Very long post. But it's a funny one, so be sure to read it from start to finish!!!

Ok, first things first. This is what I saw on our indoor/outdoor temperature gauge this morning at 5am....

And this is what the gauge read at 8a....

Mmm-mmmm, you're seeing it right. At 5a, it was 15.2 degrees....BELOW ZERO. And by 8am, it was 16.8 degrees BELOW ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh. I can't remember the last time I've seen temps this low. It's been a very long time! On our way home from the hockey game last night, my husband told us that we would have to take some boiling water outside in the morning, throw it up in the air, and with temps this cold, it should almost freeze in the air on it's way down. Well, if you say something like that to my youngest son, you'd better be ready to deliver. So, this morning, he and I boiled some water, took it outside, and threw it up in the air!!!!! This is what happened...It happened so fast it was hard to get a good shot of it. It doesn't freeze entirely, but it certainly hardens up as it's falling! We could only attempt the experiment a few times before we had to take our sorry butts back into the house where it was cozy warm. It is UNBELIEVABLE how cold it is outside peeps. With the windchill today, temps will be up to 40 below zero! When it's this cold, you have to be VERY careful going outside for any extended periods of time. And yes, people still go outside and do winter stuff in this parts of the country when it's this cold. It doesn't shut the city down or anything. Kids would still have to go to school, activities don't get cancelled. If you don't live in this part of the country, be very, very, happy today! Can you imagine the Green Bay Packer/Giants game tomorrow in Green Bay? It's an OUTDOOR stadium people!!!!! Would you, for any amount of money, sit in an outdoor stadium watching the NFC Championship Game in weather like this? NO WAY IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You'd have to be seriously coo-coo to do that (which Packer fans are!!!!), in my honest opinion!

Ok, now on to the good stuff. It's back! That's right, your favorite day of the week here at Heartfelt Greetings has returned in all it's glory. For those of you who are new readers to my blog, I'll explain how Scrapstash Saturdays work.....every Saturday, I pull four pieces of scrap paper (designer) out of my scrap drawer to make a card with. The special little twist that takes this challenge from "standard blog fare" to "over-the-top-exciting" is that I pull out the four papers WITH MY EYES CLOSED! That's right--I can't pick and choose which papers I want to use (ie, papers that MATCH), much to my chagrin. Oh no, the worse the papers clash, the happier my readers are!! Isn't that right longtime readers?????? Even though this is quite the challenge, I have to be honest and tell you that it's MY favorite day of the week too. I haven't had a Scrapstash Saturday in such a long time, it was great to get my fingers dirty again yesterday trying to make the papers I picked come to life in a new and exciting way!

So, are you ready to see what got picked out of the scrap drawer? Actually, I don't think the papers were all that bad together this week. In fact, it was pretty easy putting this card together. I think my scrap drawer knew I hadn't played this game in a such a long time it went easy on me, LOL. Without further ado, here are the papers I had to play with...

See, not so bad. Do you want to see what I did with them????? Can I tell you a little secret? I LOVE how this card turned out. I used a really old stamp that I've had laying around for forever, and came up with this card using all four papers....{squeal}....I'm geeked with how it turned out!!!! It looks so much better IRL than it does in this picture, but I hope you can somewhat see the shiny coat of glaze I put over each heart. It looks so cool IRL!!! You guys all want to come over today to see it in person????

What???? Are you shaking your head NO?????? What are you talking about? You're willing to blow me off because you're afraid of a little cold? Jeepers. Fair weather friends. You'd blow me off because of temps 16 below zero???? Geez...what a bunch of wimps. I thought we were soul sisters? I thought we were "sisters-in stamping", there for each other through thick and thin????!!!!! Good times and bad????? For richer or poorer????? Wow. Reality check. I guess you'd put your welfare before my happiness. I'm crushed.

I think it's time for me to go drown my sorrows in a bowl of cereal. Hopefully I won't freeze my butt off on the way to the kitchen. By the way, you all know, I'm just kidding about all this? Well, I'm not kidding about the temperature here, but I'm kidding about calling you wimps.

But just so you know, if you lived in sunny CA or FL and wanted me to race right over to see a card that looked really cool IRL, I'd be on the first plane outta here, in a heartbeat, just for you. I take my responsibilites as a sister-in-stamping very seriously. More seriously than some, I guess.

Staying warm,



  1. Amy, your card is fantabulous! I have so missed Scrapstash Saturdays!
    I'd invite you to Louisville, but is isn't much warmer here today. We need to all head south for the winter imho =D Let's go visit Beate . . . .

  2. Amy,
    Thanks for putting a huge smile on my face this morning. I love your little experiment. I'm also thrilled that your Scrap Stash Saturdays have returned and LOVE the card you made. I'm a native to southern Arizona so visiting might seriously kill me but if I could afford the ticket I'd brave it. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talents with us. Sending you WARM wishes. Melanie

  3. Anonymous10:17 AM

    ROFLMBO in sunny Florida! You are freaking hilarious!!! Glad to see you are back to your old self!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the card (I'm tempted to spring for an airline ticket so you can bring it to me in person...LOL!!).

    What is the stamp you used??? It appears to be a larger one with different hearts, yes??? Who makes it and what's it called???

    Thanks for Florida boys are going to get a kick out of the boiling water freezing in midair. (I used to live in Northern Ilinois so I know all about those temps...I was one of the crazies who LOVED it!!! Used to skip the bus in winter and WALK home because I loved it so much).

    Hugs and Happiness,

    Mary L.

  4. I LOVE your heart card Amy!!! Absolutely wonderful!!! :)

  5. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Great card Amy! I read your blog faithfully everyday, just don't comment often. I'm afraid I couldn't always come up with a card I liked when blindly choosing patterned paper!
    It's 9 here in southern IN, that's terribly cold to us. I cannot even fathom your temperatures.
    Shelly M

  6. I'm so excited to see Scrap Stash Saturdays back! It's always amazing to see what you're able to do with a crazy mix of papers. Here in the far north of WI it's the same temperature. My dog drags ME back to the house after he pees! Good thing I'm staying inside my studio today.

  7. I wonder if the water would freeze before hitting the ground if it wasn't boiling??? Fortunately, even though it is colder than normal here in Texas --- it's not as cold as you are!

    Fabulouso card!!!

  8. Your card is AMAZING! If it's even better in real life then super WOW! Can you please share the name of the stamp set with us? Is it many heart stamps with those design or is that all designer paper and just a heart outline stamp? I so gotta try this!

    Where the heck do you live? Sounds like where I am in Canada. Brrrr......

    Have a great weekend.

  9. I love how this card turned out too! It looks fabulous! What stamps did you use? Please post a picture!

    I can see the glaze and top and what a great touch!

  10. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Amy, we have crept?? back up to 15 or so here in Idaho. I remember those temps well growing up there in MN! Stay warm today.
    Really cute card...

  11. I love what you do with Scrap Stash Saturdays. 'm amazed!

    I would come and see you in a minute, but I think they may close down the roads here next because it's snowing in Atlanta-- for the second time in three days. EVERYTHING was cancelled because of the "possibility" of inclement weather. I'm amazed because I spent three winters in Michigan and the first half of my life in Pennsylvania where we got a lot more snow and nothing closed down... Anyway since I have an unexpected free day, I may do a scrap stash challenge in your honor just to prove how hard it is. You're a genius!

  12. Stampin_Math_Teach11:53 AM

    I'm in Nebraska and the high today will be a balmy 5*! So I won't complain anymore! I Love, Love, Love this card!!! Can you please tell me what stamps you used????

    p.s. I've got to try this water experiment! Is 5* too warm?

  13. Girl you crack me up. It's 34 here, so come on! You can deliver those stamps in person! ;)
    Love this card, BTW!

  14. Warm weather wishes from sunny, coastal Southern California. Actually, there was frost on our lawn this morning but it's gone now. You are silly today. :) Thanks for bringing back scrap stash. I am in love with your card today. It's gorgeous.

  15. Marianne Pelletier (SCS - choux)12:57 PM

    Youppi Scrapstash Saturdays are back !!! I'm alway really impressed with your cards and this one is totally cool !!!

    Heheheh it's colder were you live then were I live .... Canada !!! But looking at my window I see snow comming down so ... it's going to get colder pretty fast.

    Have a great day !

  16. Bring it on, Sister! I believe it's 82 degrees here today...ABOVE ZERO. :)

  17. Well Amy, at least you are maintaining your sense of humor - LOL! Holy moses, it IS COLD there!! And, I live in CA so you are welcome here anytime you need to thaw out :-)

    Your card is wonderful - I just love it! I am glad you are doing these again, I love to see what you come up with!


  18. Your card is GORgeous! I really have to go study instead of surfing blogs but your card makes me want to stay in my stamp room just a little bit longer...
    It's cold here too; I'm so glad my Stamp Club came to me to this morning.

  19. Cindy H.2:07 PM

    Well, Amy, another fabulous ScrapStash card. You are amazing! Don't know how you do it! We're in the mid 30's today (fine weather) but I understand the artic blast is on its way - brrrrr!

  20. Now that is what I call talent! Amy, you amaze me! That card is Fantabulous!!!!! :D
    I love it! Now, try and stay Warm. Jim is travelling up for a radio tour today through the week, he starts in Detroit and ends in Springfield, MO!!!! brrrrr

  21. I'm with ya Amy! Freezing my butt off here in Minneapolis too. I opened the door to let the dog out, she stuck her nose out, then turned around and walked back in.
    Glad to see you back at it with Scrap stash Sat! It's always such a wonderful surprise to see what you come up with, and this is fantastic!

  22. I love this card! As usual, you have rocked Scrap Stash Saturday! Tell ya what, sista, I'll invite all of you guys freezing your tooshies off to join me in Alabama (it's a balmy 36 with wind chill of 26) and we can stamp the weekend away! Wishing the
    some quick relief from those horrid temperatures!

  23. You need to submit that card-Stamper's Sampler or Cards would be good fits.

    and its gonna be colder tonight too. I havent gotten out of my jammies at its 6PM here in Michigan. My son is in northern Iowa, so I have no idea if he is frozen (bet his Metro didnt start)

  24. barb hendrickson4:58 PM

    This my absolutely favorite card you have ever made, amy!! I love it so much that I must make one like it today! What is the heart stamp that you used? It looks like they are all different. This really is an amazing card and I love it that Scrap Stash Saturdays is back.....and so are you, in all your dp glory!!

    thanks for the fun,
    p.s. sorry, but I'm freezing down here in OKC with 35 degree weather and soon to get into the low 20's. Accckkk!

  25. LOL!!! I moved to the South to get out of the figid below temps weather in upstate NY and what did we get today here in GA...SNOW!!! It has snowed twice this week! What;s up with that?!?!

    BTW...great card. :)

  26. wow, this is really beautiful!!!!!! So amazing! I just love your scrap stash Saturdays!

  27. Yeah! I love Scrapstash Saturday. Glad it's back and I LOVE what you;ve done with these scraps! GREAT card.

  28. Love this card ... what a fabulous idea for using DP ... gorgeous.

  29. OMG 16 below , that is way to cold for me brrrr ! Love your card , it turned out awesome !!!
    Also wanted to let you know I have added you to my blog roll .

  30. tomorrow let the kiddos blow bubble outside. Let them float a bit and before they hit the ground give them a poke, they will shatter like glass!

  31. I am SO glad scrapstash is BACK! I have missed this feature! I love this card AND I would rush right over to see it, if only I didn't have to...uh....wash my hair, yeah, that's it. I'm busy washing my hair, uhm....maybe I'll make it over, say, in spring sometime...?

    And I am so sorry it's so cold there, brrrrrrrr!!!

  32. Anonymous6:51 AM

    What a beautiful card! Can anyone do the Scrap Stash saturday Challenge???

  33. What a fantastic card - very unique & gorgeous of course!

  34. What a cool card Amy. I think this is my favorite card of yours EVER. It is SO COOL. Yeah, it is cold here in Minneapolis...want to meet at California Pizza Kitchen You could bring that card to me...or just give me your address...I will come pick it up...I will wait in the car while you run it out to me...LOL.

  35. marciad8:25 AM

    Terrific card. Stay warm. It's supposed to be 28 degrees here in No. VA today with wind chill in the teens. Was close to 70 just a couple of weeks ago.

  36. 16 below zero! Now that's cold. I thought we had it bad here in MT b/c it is 7 below.
    I'm so glad to see scrap stash Sat back! I always love seeing what you come up with. Thanks for another great card!

  37. I love this card, Amy. I'm gonna be watching those Packers... tucked up nice and cozy and warm... in front of my TV! GO PACK!

  38. Loved the boiling water tossing story!!! I'm afraid that's one of those I wouldn't want to attempt at home. Don't hate me, I live in Los Angeles and we thought it was going to be 32 degrees this morning. Now that's butt *** cold for CA.
    Yahoo for Scrap Stash Saturday, I absolutely LOVE what you do with what the drawer gives you!!! You are just the bravest woman I know!

  39. Anonymous12:15 PM

    I have sooo missed Scrapstash Saturdays! So happy it is back. Wonderful amazes me what you do with all the dp! Sue K

  40. All I can say is that YOU ROCK in so many different ways!!! I'm so glad to know you Amy!


  41. Wowie!! I love your SSS card, Amy! Incredible!!

    I need to show your experiment to my son. He would totally get a kick out of it, and want to try it himself. Thanks for sharing!

  42. All I can say is WOW. I grew up in Michigan, and got frostbite on my ears one time walking to class at Michigan State in extremely cold weather without a hat or earmuffs (stupid girl!). I do have some experience with cold. But I never knew you could throw boiling water into the air & see it partially freeze before it hits the ground!! Yikes that is COLD! Hope you're staying warm up there. And btw, I *love* this card too!!!

  43. Amy, this is one of the most lovely cards that I have seen! Fabulous!

  44. Anonymous7:32 AM

    G'day from Sunny Western Australia, where we had a HOT 97F (that's 36C)today. I'll send you some sunshine, if you send me some snow.
    Love that card. Is that an Inkadinkado stamp? You have done an amazing job with your random papers. There's hope for us all yet!


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