Monday, January 14, 2008

Kickstand Cards

I've gone kickstand card crazy!!!! This was the sketch challenge on SCS last Wednesday, and now I'm hooked! I'm showing you three of them that I made this past weekend. Have you tried one of these babies yet? They're addicting! And they're super easy, so you're not going to spend a lot of time putzing with them either.

I have to say that I think my favorite of the three cards is the one with the bird cage. I {heart} the Webster's Pages paper I used, I {heart} the swirls behind the bird cage, and I {heart} the little Happy Bird-day sentiment tag I tied to the ribbon. I just discovered my little tag punch again after at least a year of non-use. See, out of sight, out of mind. If we stampers don't have everything out in front of us, at our fingertips, we tend to forget about the purchases we make! I shudder to think of all the supplies I have tucked away around my stamp room that I don't use because I can't remember I bought them!

So, peeps, I need your help. I am having some trouble using a few items in my stamp room and I figure someone out there reading this will know what I should do to fix things.

The first item I'm having trouble with is my aquapainter. Does anyone else have problems with this little guy? I cannot, for the life of me, get the water to come out of the painter to wet the brush so I can paint! Eventually it comes out, but it takes forever, then it dries up again while I'm painting, and then I have trouble squeezing out more water to wet the brush again. It's a vicious cycle, I tell you! Is there a trick to this little bugger that I don't know about? By the way, this is a new brush, so it should work.

The second thing I'm having trouble with and is something that's really bugging me is SU!'s mini glue dots. Who decided to put the glue dots on the OUTSIDE of the paper strip, so all the glue dots come off on the sides of the inside of the box??????????????????????? Just for reference sake, Memory Zots (glue dots by Thermo Web) put their glue dots on the INSIDE of the paper strip, so they don't come off in the box like SU!'s do. How do the rest of you deal with your glue dots from SU!? Do you just take the strip out of box and keep it somewhere else? Am I the only person with this problem? I am tired of having all my glue dots end up on the sides of the box worthless to me! Help!


  1. Elizabeth V.8:41 AM

    These are darling! Thanks for the inspiration on this dark Monday morning. Wishing you a wonderful week!

  2. Anonymous9:09 AM

    I'm HOPING someone has the answer to the mini glue dots question. I'm an SU demo and have yet to figure out a solution. You're not alone in fighting with them!! I never understood it either!!
    Thanks for your daily inspirations!

  3. Beautiful cards! I'll have to give this layout a try...looks like fun!

    As for the glue dots, just make sure to not tear off the extra inch or two of paper that covers the dots, which should be there with a new box. Once you use a few dots, you'll have some blank paper. Don't tear that off, use it cover up the remaining dots. That make sense?? ;-)

  4. First of all love these cards (my fav. would have to be the bird one, too but then with my bird "issues" that may not be an unbiased opinion.) Second, always leave enough glue-dotless paper on the roll to go around an extra time thus protecting the glue dots. As for the aquapainter, afraid I am no help there. If I ever have any problems, it is the opposite and that it is too wet so I've learned to handle it gently. Wishing you a super week!

  5. jennibell10:54 AM

    I {heart} all of your creations too!!! Might just have to try one (or two) out for myself :) As for your questions, I don't have an aquapainter -- not an artist!! However, the glue dot deal is annoying. I just use the first few up then don't tear the paper off -- I keep it as a covering to protect the rest of the glue dots from coming off. I do think they are the best out there (SU!'s that is) so it just takes some unwinding of paper each time I use them. Hope this helps. . .or maybe your tirade will make the higher-ups over at SU! think. . .hmmmm. Happy Monday!

  6. Love your cards!

    I have the same frustration with SU mini glue dots. And I end up with glue dots on my fingers and everywhere. Therm O Web Zots in one row on a narrow strip are much easier to use and don't waste so much paper. I think SU demos like me need to bring these issues to Stampin' Up's attention. I thought it was just me being a klutz.

    I have the opposite complaint of the aqua painter - mine gets way too wet. It is hard to get the water to release, then all of a sudden I get a flood of water and it stays too wet. I keep wiping it off on paper toweling, but it is just too wet to get good results. I don't use it much for that reason. It must be quality issues, but by the time I actually used mine it was too late to return it. THere is a Japanese brand -can't remember the name - that I demoed with at rubber stamp conventions that is much better IMHO.

    Phyllis Strickland

  7. Love your birdcage card, too! I don't use my aquapainter much, so I am no help there. As for the SU! mini glue dots, like others before me said, I leave a few inches of paper to protect unused dots in the box, and take the whole roll out when I want to use them. I find it easier to use the dots "out of the box," and just use the box for storage. I really love your blog (and new banner), and should comment more often to let you know that!

  8. Great cards Amy! Other people have already answered your glue dot problem... but I love my aquapainters... are they SU!? If you can't easily squeeze out water then double check that nothing is blocking the water on the inside, make sure your barrel is full, and if that doesn't work... have them replaced. If an item is defective, then you should have no trouble getting your SU! demo to replace it.

  9. Love these cards! I can't wait to make some!!! :D You are so talented!

  10. Oh, Amy, all of your kickstand cards are wonderful.

    Glue dots - like the others said, just make sure the strip of paper is always covering the last glue dot underneath it. The only time I have problems with this is when someone in a class rips off too much.

    Aqua Painter - I love mine, but I don't use the SU ones, because I think the brushes are too big. I have one I got at a LSS - I think Michael's carries the same kind. You need to squeeze the widest part of the water reservoir gently until it releases a drop or two. For me, even that is too wet though, so then I wipe on scrap paper to get rid of some of it before painting.

    Good luck with it.

  11. Love these Amy - they are all beautiful! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  12. Anonymous5:52 AM

    I love these cards! They are just beautiful! I JUST bought the birdcage stamp myself last week and was glad to see it on your blog. You never fail to inspire me!

  13. I {heart} all your cards..truly awesome, I specially love the flourish behind the birdcage..
    I've never really had a problem with my aquapainter, it generally is too wet to use, so i have to wipe it constantly on the back of my hand to dry it. I think you might check the barrel for some blockage..that's about all the help I can give!

  14. love love love these cards!!!!

  15. All three cards are amazing!
    I must be dense though. I never noticed that something is wrong with those glue dots SU has.

  16. Wow...I love your kickstand cards, Amy!! I haven't tried one yet, but after seeing your lovelies...I think I must.

    I haven't read the comments to see if you've gotten your answers yet. For my glue dots, I just leave extra paper to cover the dots so that they don't adhere to the inside of the box. I'm not sure why your Aqua Painter isn't working though.


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