Thursday, January 17, 2008

Believe in your dreams

I love this new Cosmo Cricket valentine paper!! It has every one of my favorite colors. This morning, I've been busy making a few Valentine's cards with it, so maybe tomorrow I'll be able to share those with you. But for today, I'll share this card I made last weekend, using the same Cosmo Cricket paper....

Now, this card has something extra special on it that I hardly ever use. Can you guess what it is? Prima flowers! For some reason, Prima flowers and me just dont' work together very well, and I have no logical reason why. I just don't like the look of flowers on my cards. I have two BIG jarfuls of flowers, but, surprise-surprise, I can never seem to find the right color flower to match my card. But this card was different. I was determined to dig, dig, dig, deep into my jar and find some flowers that would work. And I did!!! And I like how the flowers look on this card! Woo-hoo! Since I'm really working hard this year to use the supplies I have on hand instead of buying more, being able to use some of my Primas makes me giddy with joy!!!

Of course, because the paper is so beautiful, there's not alot of stamping on this card, but who cares? Do you think that's why I'm not asked very often to join many design teams? ,LOL. Sometimes I just let the paper do the talking instead of the stamps! I kind of feel like I don't fit in with the hard core serious stampers (cuz I used so much designer paper), nor do I fit in with the scrappy card makers (cuz I use to many stamps). Are there any design teams out there looking for middle-of-the-road stamping/scrapping cardmakers? If so, I'm the gal for you!!!!! LOL. I need to find a design team who's company designs both paper AND stamps:)!!!!!! Actually, I'm not looking to be on any more design teams. I LOVE working with Julee at Verve and with Webster's Pages and think anything more would put me over the edge. But it sure would be nice to be asked for a change. Thank God Julee asked me way back when she was putting together her team--I love working with her, she is amazing!!!!!

Actually, I'm not really sure why I got off on this little tangent today. Maybe because I keep reading about all these fabulous stampers being invited to be on tons of different design teams? I keep thinking....what am I? Chopped Liver? No, I'm just a middle-of-the-road stamper/scrapper who likes to make cards with both stamps and designer paper. I'm happy with what I am and that's all that matters, right? RIGHT!!!!!

Well, it's time for me to go get some stampin' done! Today is one of those lounge-around-in-my-sweats day, the kind of day when I refuse to take a shower. Gotta give my skin a break when it's so cold here (wind chill today is supposed to be 25 BELOW zero!!!), hot showers zap what little moisture is there on days like today. Saturday the high is supposed to be like -10!! Yikes!



  1. Shut Up!---You are in no way middle of the road. You are so inspiring to those of us who ACTUALLY are middle of the road. Your creations are always fresh and beautiful!

    This card is breathtaking....If I had a design team--I would ask you!!!

  2. Oh, Amy! You are anything BUT middle of the road! Egads! You blaze new trails and manage to be creative, fresh and fun in a world that's too bland and homogeneous! I adore having you on my design team! If I could I'd ask you all over again! LOL! :) I love this card, this paper, and the sentiment. I'm like you and have scads of those primas around that rarely make it on to my cards.

  3. Lisa K12:51 PM

    All of you SHUT UP! You are all wonderful stampers! If I had a design team, I would have all 3 of you! ;) Happy Thursday...don't disappear for so long next time! ;) Lisa K

  4. You are definitely not "middle of the road" and this gorgeous card tells the tale! I love the layout and the layering! Truly unique and beautiful! I know what you mean, I would love to be on a design team or even win a card contest on someones blog! I just keep telling myself that God does not allow more in our life than we can handle so it's just not my time! I'll just keep practicing- teeheehee! Be sure to stay bundled-up! -10! I can't imagine! It's a balmy 46 here in Alabama.

  5. Julie Brooks2:40 PM

    Girl what in the world are you talking about? YOU ARE FAR, FAR, FAR from a middle of the road stamper! Everything you make is so fresh and fun! I love that you always use pattern papers. I wish I wasn't so affraid of them. Maybe I'll work on that. ;0)
    If I had a design team I'd pick you!!

  6. being you is what makes you wonderful, so don't give any self-doubting time to pondering why you haven't been "discovered" yet by the larger stamping world. you're great the way you are, even if you haven't showered and are lounging around in sweats! -25...seriously? i'd be shocking myself with static electricity everywhere i went with weather like that!

  7. This card is beautiful! You are so not a middle of the road stamper. Your work is amazing. I check your blog out often and love your work. Just be patient. I'm sure there are many design teams just waiting to have you come aboard. Don't give up and keep up the awesome work.

  8. Dang're so good, don't go putting it out there you want a DT invitation---lots of us would love a slice of that pie, and if you're in the running, we've got no chance! lol. Keep up the awesome work, I love visiting you!

  9. Your card is gorgeous, Amy! NO WAY are you middle of the road, girl!! ;)

  10. Anonymous4:52 AM

    hhhhhmmm, I think you and I are on the same pity parade right now. hehehe and the truth of the matter is. We both are talented in our own way but we are so hard on ourselves because we spend too much time comparing our work with others. Your work is beautiful and I always get inspired when I stop by to visit.

  11. WEll, if you are chopped liver, than I have no idea what I am. I am not on ANY DT. Apparently, no one likes me! (boo hoo....) I have applied to several and each and every time have been turned down. I try not to let it bother me, but it obviously does. I do start questioning my abilities. BTW, I have a hard time using Primas too! For me they always seem so bulky or something. But your card is gorgeous, and I do LOVE That paper!

  12. I just discovered your blog and I think your creations are wonderful. They're fresh and sophisticated at the same time!!

    If you are middle of the road then I am in the drain!! I'm a new stamper and seing blogs like yours is inspiring, so keep up the good work! ;-)

  13. Haha Amy , I'm a cardmaking scrapper how about that? I rarely use stamping in my cardmaking & I still feel my cardmaking isn't up to scratch with the scrapper's style ! lol just cos I dont also add sewing to my work ( cos I havent learnt how to work a sewing machine yet ! )

    I used to contribute way more to the Prima gallery & was really miffed to have missed out on the PRima DT call when they opened it this year to intl designers ( not that I would have been in the DT for sure ) LOL So now I'm not even sure that I should go on too much with the CT/DT trail but I am happy to share , grow & learn as an international cardmaking scrapper ! I love visiting your blog when I can !


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