Sunday, January 27, 2008

All Day Saturday

This is what I was doing all day yesterday!!! Watching my youngest son play in a basketball tournament. Running across town twice for two different game. Then we had to stop at the store for some food to bring to friends house for dinner last night. In between basketball and dinner, I stole an hour sleep on the couch, or I wouldn't have made it through the night. I barely saw the insides of my stamp room yesterday, and that BUMS ME OUT!!!!

Do you see this not so great (it's a little blurry) basketball picture? This is my son falling to the ground during his first game yesterday! He was racing after the ball, got tripped, and then went CRASHING to the ground! He hit the ground so hard you could hear the collective gasp from the crowd the minute he hit!!!! He banged up his knee and elbow pretty good, could hardly walk off the court, but by the second game, he was fine. They ended up winning both their games yesterday, and are in the Championship game today! Woo-hoo! So, it's off to church first this morning because his choir sings at 11am, and then we'll rush to the game, which is at 1240p. Wish us luck!!

I'll still leave you with a little eye candy today to make up for missing yesterday's Scrap Stash Saturday. I made this card earlier this week. I love the colors, and it was so simple!



  1. Oh this card is so very pretty! Best of luck to your son's basketball team!

  2. The colors are indeed gorgeous.

  3. Cindy H.12:46 PM

    Lovely card! All the best to your son in his championship game!

  4. Congratulations to your son and his team!! Great shots!

    Your card is beautiful! I love that big flower, patterned paper, and your sewing!!

  5. I love all the colors in your card. It's an unusual layout too. Love it!

  6. Those are some amazing shots of the basketball game! I hope they did well today!!!

  7. Great pictures..congrats to your son! Looks like it was a fun game to watch.

    This card is so pretty. Love the stitching on the background...very cool colors!

  8. Great shots Amy! Love the card too! It's nice to see the sentiment above the focal image!

  9. Congrats to your son! And I love the card!!! :D

  10. Amy,
    Love your blog. I read it every day. I love the shots you take of your son's basketball games. What setting to you put your camera on? Every shot I take at my son's games either comes out blurry or this tan yellowie color. I just thought it was the gym lighting, but when I look at yours, I wonder what I am doing wrong. I can't seem to get the true lighting or colors of the game. Any thoughts?? I would appreciate any "light" you couuld shed on the subject.


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