Saturday, December 15, 2007

New Stamps AND a Sketch!

Oh, let me tell you, I snatched up some new Inkadinkado BIRD stamps up faster than a speeding bullet yesterday when I ran across them at Archivers! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE every bird in the clear set and can't WAIT to put ink each and every one!

Seeing as I just couldn't wait a second longer, I ripped open the package this morning and made this sweet little bird card! In real life it's a beauty. I wish you could see it. It's one of those cards that just makes you {sigh} and give thanks to God for blessing you with the ability to create art, thanking Him for giving you an eye for color and scale. I know this isn't anything over the top special like some cards out there, but I'm really happy with this one. And because I was happy with how the card turned out, I decided to make you a card sketch to go with it! I know how much you guys love sketches. I told you a while back that even though I don't do my Super Sketch Sundays anymore, I'd treat you to some sketches every now and again to make you all happy!

I hope you like it and if you get a chance to make a card using the sketch, drop me a line.

I am going to go now and read the Saturday paper. Before we leave to go to the basketball game today, I want to make another batch of carmel corn to send off to a blogging friend. Do you know what happened last week? I had a bag filled with the corn to send off to this friend, but couldn't find a box to mail it in. Instead of waiting til I found a box, in a moment of desperation, I ATE HER CARMEL CORN!!!! Can you believe I would do something like that? If you've ever tasted this stuff, you'd understand. I now have a box I can mail the carmel corn in, so I'm safe making the new batch!

Have a great Saturday!



  1. Gorgeous card ...I can see why you scooped up these stamps.

  2. ~ K ~9:49 AM

    It's beautiful, Amy. I know what you mean about some cards being over the top. But my favorites are still the simple but elegant ones. Have a great weekend.

  3. What a gorgeous card!!! Off to look at those stamps...

  4. Gorgeous card AND bird, Amy -- I don't blame you for scooping it up! Great colors you used!

  5. I enjoy reading your blogs daily. I hope all is well and your husband has found a new job. here is my

  6. oh what a tremendously beautiful card. love the pieced leaves and the areas you left in outline. wow wow wow...

    i'm getting so curious about that caramel corn...going to have to get some in the house to make it! have a friend we'll see next sat. who is a popcorn freak, so he'd probably enjoy that!

    happy weekend...

  7. colleen schaan5:00 PM

    Amy...this card is gorgeous! That bird stamp is very cool...I see why you like it.

    Thanks for the giggle about the carmel corn...!

  8. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I love this ,Amy! It is just beautiful!

  9. Your card is absolutely stunning, Amy!!! I LOVE it!!

  10. No! Don't make me buy more gorgeous bird stamps Amy. LOL. This is seriously beautiful.

  11. marciad8:46 PM

    Beautiful cards.

  12. Amy,
    I LOVE your cards...every single one of them is beautiful, and I'm insanely jealous! I feel like I'm a really good SCRAPBOOKEr, but for some strange reason, when it comes to cards, I crash and burn! I posted some Christmas ones on my blog, but they're just so PLAIN! I love stamps as well (especially clear ones) and I have hundreds...but I have no idea how to make them look GOOD! I guess I'm a collector, cause I never use them, I just love them! Any tips or tricks would mean the world to me!

  13. wow...are you kidding? This card is amazing...I love it and feel totally enabled right now!!!

  14. What a beautiful card! Of course, I love bird images! Ya know sometimes you just need some caramel corn. I'm sure you friend understands!

  15. Jacqueline11:33 AM

    Amy, this card is fantastic. I love how you created the bird image. I bought two of Martha Stewart's bird stamps and have been at a loss as to how to color them but now I see I don't have to--what a fantastic idea you've given me! Oh, and regarding the caramel corn--I can relate! My daughter and I live in San Jose and frequently will drive to Monterey (about an hour from here) because one of the stores on the wharf makes THE most incredible caramel corn EVA! It smells SO yummy, and since the guy is making it constantly, it's always still warm when we get it. You cannot beat fresh, warm, buttery caramel corn! Anyhoo--thank you for sharing your wonderful talents with us--you ARE amazing!

  16. I have got to have the birds on the holtz tag and the one you said was inkadinkado...but I can't find it on their site...can you email me the name or # on the stamp so that I can track it down?
    Thank you so much...even if you are being an enable at christmas...I'm supposed to be shopping for others, not me!!! LOL!!!


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