Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Little Bit of Color to Brighten Your Day

First of all, let me show you this card I made using my new MFT stamps that I won from Taylor's blog! Thanks Taylor, I'm going to have fun with this set! And thanks to MFT for supplying Taylor with blog candy!!

This card was sort of a work in progress, and in the end, I'm ok with how it turned out. Some cool ideas "came" to me after I had already colored in a few things (oh, drat), but I decided to execute them anyways, which is why this card didn't turn out as cute as it could have.

I saw an adorable card on someone's blog or at SCS within the past few days that had the dogs in this image all decked out for Christmas and for the life of me, I can't figure out where I saw it. If you remember seeing it too and know who made it, will you email me so I can give her credit for this idea? It's certainly not mine nor do I want to pass it off as mine:)! The first thought I had was to make it look like these bad boys are walking in the snow. But to do that, I needed to to have my little lady dressed a little more appropriately. Stiletto's are NOT appropriate footwear for walking in the snow, and I am speaking from experience here folks. Unfortunately, I had already colored her hot little shoes red before the snow idea came to me, so I just carried the red color up to her knees to make it look like she was wearing stiletto boots instead! I should have colored them black so the shoe line wouldn't be noticable, but I had already colored the dog next to her leg black, so the boot wouldn't have stood out much next to the dog. Make sense? So, stupidly, you can see her shoe line in this image, but what the heck? This is not brain surgery and should never be construed as such. Who cares if you can see the shoe line? Whatever. The second cool idea I had was to put sleeves on her dress, but in the end, it turned out to be more like a scarf with fringe that covers both her arms! I thought that part of this card turned out cute!!!

The second card is one I made this morning for Julee's sketch challenge from this past Monday! I love how it turned out mostly because of the fun, bright colors. I'm getting tired of winter's soft, muted colors. It was time for a little spice!!!! For the main flower image, I first spritzed water on a piece of watercolor paper. Then I colored the flower using markers and stamped it on the wet paper. Once it had dried, I restamped the flower again using the same colors. Didn't it turn out fun? Thanks for the fun sketch Julee!!

Well, sit tight ladies, my new blog look is going to launch in a few short minutes! Keep on the lookout!!!



  1. I LOVE both cards Amy, especially the part about the scarf, how creative! But the other one's colors are just wonderful. I love the black background with all the bright and happy colors. Great job with both!!

  2. Amy, these are both amazing!!! The colors on the 2nd one are so vibrant and wonderful! Great job!

  3. That is a very adorable card you made with your MFT set!! Soooo creative!

    Your floral card is so beautiful!!

  4. i like the new layout, girl! you finally have the three columns you wanted, and the banner ROCKS!

    did the package arrive?

  5. Yowza, yowza, yowza - I love your new blog look! And these cards are awesome. I love the Christmasy dogs and the bright colors and sentiment on the second card make me happy! And happy is a great thing to be. :) Hope you have a great day!


  6. nice blog header- love the animation!

  7. Love, love, love your new design Amy. The cards are both wonderful. Could it have been this card by Molly that you were thinking of?

  8. fabulous cards!
    i've been doing allot of my cards similar to your first one with all rounded corners.

  9. WOW that is FABULOUS! thank you so much Amy for the links and the "you can do it pep talk" I want to challenge myself so I think this will really help me out!!! TY~!


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