Thursday, November 29, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Here is a card I made when I got together with my friend Lue last Saturday. It's been FOREVER since we've stamped together and I hate that. We always had so much fun hanging out, stamping. Unfortunately, busy schedules have made doing such nearly impossible. Not to mention getting my stuff packed up and then UNPACKED each time is a royal pain in the butt!

This year, I'm making my Christmas cards to sell, not send out as ours, so I want them to be really simple and easy layouts. I was to be able to pump a bunch out in a little amount of time. This layout insures being able to do that. One little center panel, that's it! Can it get any simpler?

Once again, this card features my new Basic Grey clear stamps. "Deck the Halls" is part is part of the Santa Baby collection! BG is apparently my "theme this week", isn't it? I didn't even plan it! I love the sentiment, I don't think I've ever run across a sentiment that says this. The snowflakes are also from the set. I stamped them in both Certainly Celery and Bordering Blue (I think) that had been stamped off once or twice so it was very light. Two ribbons, a green polka dot organza and a light blue organza ribbon finish the card of perfectly. The paper is from SU!

I'm so glad today is a "hang around in my sweats" sort of day. Plenty to do while I'm here, I just don't have anywhere that I HAVE to be. I tell ya, M-W's for me each week are killer days--with BSF, my freelancing and then cardmaking. I am running myself ragged. I don't know about you, but illness is running RAMPANT in this neck of the woods, and when I get run down or too stressed, I get sick. And me getting sick is definitely NOT a good thing either. For reasons too complicated to get into here, suffice it to say when I get sick, I get REALLY sick. It frightens me that I'm this busy cuz I feel like that's where I'm headed...sickville. So today, I plan on not showering (I know that sounds gross to most of you, but I ADORE not having to shower once in a while--it's not like I'm stickin' the place up or anything (cuz I promise, if I was I would definitely be showering)...but to me, it's a luxury not having to. I know, I'm weird. Anybody else out there who likes to forgo the shower every once in a while? Ok, I'll confess. I do in more than "every once in a while". I guess I treat myself at least one day off each week from showering. The good news is my hubby loves me just the same! Now THAT'S true love!

I hope you all have a great day today.....hang in there, Friday is almost here!



  1. I love a day when I don't have to shower and blow dry. Its nice to just pull up the ponytail and relax. Gotta love sweatpants days! Enjoy.

  2. Very CUTE and quick. Love that in a card!! I think a few of these are on schedule for today's "things to do". Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Love your card - so quick so do and so pretty. I totally relate to the non-shower days. When I don't have to get up, shower, blow dry and head out, that's a treat!


  4. great card, Amy! I'm also doing the same thing this year (hope you don't mind if I CASE it?!)

  5. I love those days, too. Today is a "no shower" day for me, too. I just wish I had gotten an earlier start!

    Love your cards, and I enjoy your blog. Thanks!


  6. Jennifer Schmitt12:03 PM

    Love the no shower days! I too, try to have one a week. It's better for your skin too as it get dry quickly this time of year. Beautiful, simple card. TFS


  7. what a great card!!

  8. Oh Amy, you make me smile! I love no shower days and treat myself fairly regularly, too! You're card is super cute. This simple layout is great and I think I'll use it when my sis comes to stamp Christmas cards with me next week.

  9. Just passing through and wanted to say how beautiful your card is! LOVE IT!
    Sometimes simple cards are the most beautiful ones! And this one definitely is! :)

  10. Some days I don't even get out of my flannel nightgown! My hubby works 3rd so he comes in and takes the boys to school, comes back and sleeps until time to pick them up. That is when I say, "If you'll go get the boys, I'll start dinner." It works a couple of times a week. I sure am glad he doesn't read blogs!


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