Saturday, November 03, 2007

Scrap Stash Saturday

Here are the four papers I blindly pulled from my scrap drawer yesterday afternoon for today's card. Bright, uh? In my opinion, not such a bad mix, but for some of you, you might be suffering hives right now looking at these mis-matched beauties.

While the papers didn't bother me so much this time, coming up with an original layout did. Grrr, it's making me grumpy! What is my problem? Sounds like many of you who read this blog have been experiencing the same sort of thing lately; creative block. I wonder what's up? Should we blame it on the change in seasons? Pressure from all the blogs we're reading? Pressure to "perform", feeling like we constantly have to produce top-notch, original artwork so we can impress everyone who's path we cross? To be honest, I think this might be part of MY problem right now. I don't want to post anything "sub-standard" for fear of disappointing my readers, so I put a lot of pressure on myself to always come up with something original and amazing. It's not been working out so well (in my opinion) lately, so I get frustrated. A frustrated artist. Not a surprise. I think most artists get frustrated from time to time. I just need to put it all into perspective and get a grip! {{{{{{Get a grip, girl!!!!}}}}}}

Now that I've got that off my chest, here's the card I managed to come up with for today. Can you spot all the papers? Obviously, I used the polka dot paper as my main pattern. ALERT: SNEAK PEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you see the circles I used to make my flower petals (with the red floral paper, by the way) with????? And do you see the fabulous sentiment that reads "I made a wish and you came true"? These are stamps from one of two new Verve Visual stamp set releases coming out on November 10th! The name of the set is called Wonderful Wishes, which contains 17 (yes, 17) stamps....three shapes in which to stamp one of 14 different sentiments. How totally cool is that? And the sentiments are amazing...."Wishing you a speedy recovery", Wishing you a lifetime of happy tomorrows", and "May all your wishes come true". You have every sentiment you could possibly need to make a zillion cards! Don't miss out on this new release. Check out the Verve blog for continued sneak peeks the rest of the week, ok?

Back to where all the papers ended up on the card.....the green is obvious--it's the leaves and stem of the flower. The pink paper is a little more difficult to find. It's behind the green flower center, and it's also behind the red flower petals....I matted the flower with it and then cut around the flower using my tiny scallop scissors.

There you go. Another successful week of Scrap Stash Saturday. Hope you liked the card!



  1. Hi Amy,

    When I saw the papers you pulled I gasped, LOL, but your card looks amazing! You sure have a way of pulling all the assorted patterns and colors together to make something really pretty.

    I love how you used the circle stamp to make a flower - very creative!!

    Sorry I haven't been commenting on your blog lately. I still read regularly through google reader, but I don't always click over to your actual blog to leave a comment.


  2. Gorgeous card, Amy! And just in case you were worried, your work NEVER looks sub-standard! :) It is ALWAYS amazing!

  3. Fran M12:48 PM

    Great card! And you need to stop putting pressure on yourself - use some of your old sketches - things always look different with different papers and stamps. Plus, who remembers? I always love your work.

  4. thunderous applause! Yet another great edition of scrap stash Sat.

  5. i really like how you used the paper that was on the far left of the photograph as the stem, leaves, and center of the flower. in my opinion, your mojo just hasn't had enough time to breathe lately. hope you have time to relax and let the creative juices flow soon...

  6. I love it!!!! And you are so creative, even when you feel like you're not. Hugs, girl!

  7. Cathy Whiteman1:55 PM

    I always am inspired to create after seeing your work. It's beautiful and scrapstash Sat. is my favorite viewing day! It's amazig what you can do with 4 pieces of mismatched paper.

  8. I look forward to your Scrap Stash Saturdays as I am always amazed at how you make some of the impossible paper pairings into something fabulous. I just shared your blog with a friend who was over yesterday and forwarded it to her so she can enjoy your work as much as I do. Great job, again!

  9. Beautiful creation!! I love it, Amy!!

  10. barb hendrickson11:06 PM

    Dear Amy,
    You worry WAY TOO MUCH! ;) This is a very creative and fun card, not to mention how beautifully the papers coordinate. Great job, as always on Scrap Stash Saturday.


  11. Ooooh. I love scrap stash saturday. Your card looks awesome.

  12. First off let me say you are the queen at using these scraps! I could never in a million years pull this off! I am so glad you feel like I do. I sometimes feel like this blogging thing does put some pressure on. And then when people don't leave comments, right away think that they must not have liked the card. You have made me feel so much better now!

  13. Your creativeness just leaves me in awe after every Saturday Stash creation!

  14. Carol8:36 AM

    I've never seen a flower made with circle punches like this! Totally cool!! Girl, you are way too hard on yourself! Your readers love what you do! Nobody can produce excellence every single time, so go easy on yourself! You are a talented, creative, gifted person and you're doing great! I can't imagine what kind of pressure is involved in posting all your work on a blog every day, so just know that your readers do indeed appreciate everything you share here....even when you aren't particularly fond of the results. I understand the concerns you're feeling with your DH losing his job, and that's bound to spill over into your creativity, but I still think you still make amazing cards - regardless of how you think they look! Chin up, ya hear? you're doing great:)

  15. I love it! These are my favorite blog entries of your's!

  16. Love it!!! And since I work all week till very late in the evening and I don't have time for cardmaking I'll case your design for a b-day card I need. Hope you don't mind :)

  17. Julie Brooks3:33 PM

    I love how you used that circle to make the flower!! I have to give that a try!! Your amazing!


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