Tuesday, October 30, 2007

TypePad Users?

I am considering changing my blog over to TypePad, but I'm having a really hard time getting my stuff set up over there. Can someone help me? As much trouble as I'm having, it just doesn't seem worth it! There are a lot of good reasons to change (photo albums, 3 column templates, etc), but custom designing my own template is a bear (not so with Blogger), and putting people on a blogroll seems so HARD! And those are the EASY things that shouldn't be so hard. What's up? Can anyone shed some light for me? Am I really just a technical illiterate?

Big hugs,


  1. I set up my blog-roll by creating typelists. Then all you have to do is paste in the links. The only limit I've found is that it only displays 20 per list. What are you struggling with on the templates? I found the help resource to be pretty thorough.

  2. hi, I highly recommend you to try Wordpress.com, with a free account you can host up to 50MB of archives and adding links it's really easy. the only downside I've found is that customizing can be harder (so far, the only thing I'd try is to change the blog banner, but they have a lot of templates).

    Just my 2 cents on the topic :)


  3. Just my personal opinion, but I really like your blog the way it is! I also found typepad to be difficult, which is why I went with blogger.

  4. Marthe10:06 PM

    I'm a very satisfied Typepad user. I subscribed on January of this year. It did take me about a month to figure out how it worked but it was well worth it.
    When in trouble, you have two very useful ressources: the first is the Knowledge base (go to help and you'll be able to access that information base); the second is the Typepad people themselves. They are very thorough and diligent. In my experience, they come back to you within 24 hours. There's a function to ask for their help on the Help page.
    I hope this helps.
    Sincerely from Canada,

  5. Amy,
    I have 3 columns on my blog (blogger).
    Here is a good site to add different things to blogger:

  6. Oh I hope you dont switch over. as a subscriber I am not even able to figure out how to get typePad updates. Hope you stay just as great as you are, where you are.

  7. Just a thought - you can always set up a photo album with Picasa and link it on your Blogger blog. That's what I've done with my DT cards. And I think they're easier to view than with the TypePad albums. JMHO :)

  8. I can't give you any tips on Typad...sorry. Just wanted to stop in and say hi...and let you know I STILL love your work! Good luck with the girlfriend stuff!!!

  9. Hey sweets. I use typepad and it has worked really well for me, though I agree, sometimes it's not all that intuitive.

    I use typelist for my blogrull, like smilynstef said, using "people" type typelist.

    I'm pretty happy with the templates they have, so I haven't tried to make a custom banner. Afraid I can't help you there.

    You do have a lovely blog, but I can understand switching to typepad for their features.

    Best of luck.


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