Saturday, September 15, 2007

Scrap Stash Saturday!

Boy oh boy.

After I blindly pulled my four scraps yesterday for today's Scrap Stash Saturday card, I wanted to run away in a BIG way! The four scraps I just happened to pull were HORRIBLE together, I really didn't know how I was going to be able to pull it off. I thought I had been had finally. The gig was up, in other words. I pushed them around on my desk for about a half hour, and then, miraculously, it was time for me to head out for the football game! Yippee! I mean, "Oh darn--I was really looking forward to putting four completely mis-matched papers together in a cohesive manner. Look, now I have to drop what I'm doing and go to a stupid football game. Drat". Yeah, right.

Considering the hideousness of all these scraps together, my card didn't really turn out all that bad. It grew on me ever so slightly since I went to bed last night. This by far has been the toughest challenge for me to date!

So, here they are. By the way, the BOY baby paper on the far fight is really baby blue and green. Bad picture.

What do you think? Are they workable? On their own, they are!!!! Together, not so much! Just looking at them in this picture makes me gag. I don't know how in the world I ended up with the card I did, but I thank my lucky stars it worked out in the end!

So, here's the completed card. Can you believe all those yucky scraps are on this card? It's true. Believe it or not.

I decided to use brown as my base card, as there was brown in two of the 4 papers. Let me tell you one little secret about this card....distress ink can take paper a whole lotta places! Every inch of paper is covered with Tea Stain distressing ink by Ranger. Every paper edge has been distressed with my edge distresser! And the sewing machine was my saving grace on this one too because it takes the attention off the paper! The main sentiment was stamped in Dark Brown ColorBox Fluid Chalk Ink. It was matted with the baby blue boy paper!!!! I'm a genius, aren't I? I hid the majority of the paper by using it as a mat, but if you looked closely enough, you would probably be able to tell it was baby paper! The zig zag stitch hides it as well. Genius, I tell ya. The blue in the baby paper in the end picks up and highlights the blue in the Cosmo Cricket paper, which is the horizontal strip of paper under the sentiment. The brown in the striped Dream Street paper picks up the brown in the CC paper and the brown ink. The pink in the Dream Street paper highlights the pinkish/burgandyish color of the polka dot paper.

Ahh, there's actually a method to her madness, you're thinking. Yes, there's a method to my madness, I only wish I could figure out what it was, bottle it, and sell it to make my fortunes! I hope you like it. It was REALLY hard to make it all come together. I'm not sure it can get much harder than it was this week. Maybe I better start cheating a little bit....

HEY!!!! Guess what? There's a new micro challenge over at {Caardvarks} today!!! It's called "Honey, I Shrunk The Cards!" This time the challenge is to make micro cards! Cards should be no bigger than an ATC (2.5x3.5). Be sure to head over to the {Caardvarks} Micro Gallery to check out all the micros the DT made. They were so much fun!!! I made 5--I couldn't stop making them! Deadline to get your micros in is midnight Sunday! Have fun!

I've got to sign off now, but I might be back later. In the meantime, enjoy these photos from last night's football game...

This is the path the band marches down to the football field.....

The national anthem....

Eldest Son's head is right below the 30 yrd line marker!

This is during their halftime performance.....the band is huge, over 300 members. This is just the center shot. Imagine the two ends spreading out two more photo widths!

This is where the band sits watching the game, at the end of the goal post. It was a gorgeous night and the sun was setting on them!




  1. i don't know if it's the photo fooling my eyes or what, but i think the card is pretty! loved the band photos too...brings back memories--of sweating in wool wearing a busby!

  2. gosh your work is pretty! Can you share the brand of the Anatole France sentiment? I would love to get it...


  3. Okay, you're starting to make me downright angry. Never in a million years could I do anything with those papers. I mean they're hideous together. And, then, of course, there's Amy's totally gorgeous card. I examined it to see if you cheated. Nope, they're all there. Sheesh! LOL.

  4. Amy you are a true genius! I would have run away and never came back - but you did it!! :) So great!

  5. heh heh, another amazing feat! I don't know how you did this one, but it all works! Nice job:)

  6. I don't know how you made all those patterns work together, but you did. You're definitely the Scrap Stash Diva! Great card. Loved your projects for the Caardvarks gallery, too.

  7. Amy,
    I think that the card turned out great! I, too, would love to know who made the quote stamp.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. The card turned out fabulous! Who would have guessed? Love the band pictures, also! Looks like a gorgous evening!

  9. This card turned out awesome! Those random paper choices were perfect together!

  10. GORGEOUS card! I'm a Band Mom too! Tis the season, huh?! It's all about the BAND!

  11. I don't know how you do this time and time again, but your card is gorgeous!!


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