Monday, July 02, 2007

Such Fun things happening Today!

I love it when fun things happen! Guess what came in my email today? A note from KENDRA GILES (Inkin It Up With Kendra), Miss Stamp Diva herself, letting me know that she had nominated ME for Best Hobby Blog on the internet for the Blogger's Choice Awards! Is she kidding me? Me? This coming from one of the best stampers/bloggers out there? I have to pinch myself! Now, I'm realistic enough to know this probably doesn't mean all that much--there are so many awesome blogs out there, but, oh, for a day, I'll take it and RUN with it!!!! Why not? I'm so honored that Kendra thought of me and did this. What a sweetie. Kendra, you made my day, thank you!

Now, for the rest of you, if you like what I do here and feel inclined to do so, you can click on the Blogger's Choice Award badge that's sitting right underneath my beauteous photo (that's a joke) and vote for me! If you don't want to click on it, that's ok too. I'm cool and happy no matter what. See ya!


  1. awww you are ever so welcome!! You definitely deserve the honor! thanks for saying such sweet things about me/my blog - it is much appreciated! *hugz!*

  2. Fran M9:00 PM

    Congrats! You deserve it - you are the best and the first blog I check everyday to see what awesome art you have posted!

  3. What a wonderful surprise for you! I agree with Fran M ... I too check your blog first thing every day!


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