Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Birthday America!

And, Happy Birthday to my cutie patootie too! Today is the Hubster's 45th birthday! Lots on the schedule for today......Eldest Son is in a 4th of July parade not far from here (Edina, MN for those Minnesotans reading this). After that we'll make a pitstop at the hospital to see Doug's mom. Want to know an interesting little tidbit? We will be visiting my MIL in the same hospital that Doug was born in 45 years ago today!

After that little visit, we'll head home and quick clean the house for the 4th of July BBQ we're having to celebrate Doug's 45th. We're having his dad and my parents. Here's what's on the menu for those "foodies" out there: BBQ ribs, BBQ chicken, pasta salad, fruit salad, corn on the cob, and for dessert....A Bellyful of Bananas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, that's the recipe name! Grilled bananas over vanilla ice cream. TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After our little celebration is complete, we'll head over to our friends house that are having a party today too. They have a great big yard and shoot off fireworks every year. To that event I'll bring my bruschetta, because their whole family loves it and we haven't gotten together much this summer for me to make it for them.

Here's a quick peek at the cards I made Doug for his birthday this morning. I struggle to make cards when it's the last minute. I like the concept of the card I made from me (HB2U), but I probably could have done a better job had I made it a little sooner! The black and white striped card is from Amuse. The stickers are called Thickers and they are by American Craft. They are foam letter stickers. It's the first time I've used them and I think I like them! Inside the HB2U card, it says "enjoy!".

I finally got my hands on the Amuse rocker stamp! I had bought the sentiment (you rock) a while back, but at the time, the store didn't have the rocker. I thought a card like this would be perfect for the boys to give their dad cuz they're both rockers, especially Eldest Son! I used my Thickers on this card too.

Well, the Hubster's up now and I'm still locked up in my office. I guess it's time I go upstairs and give him a birthday greeting! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday today! Remember the purpose of the day--it's a day we celebrate our freedom and independence! And for us to be able to do that safely, we rely on the dedication and sacrifice of those brave men and women of the United States military. May we remember them and keep them in our prayers. God Bless!


p.s. Here is a pretty picture for you.....these are the gorgeous flowers on my deck!


  1. Love hubbies card!! Very manly, yet simply beautiful!! :0)

  2. Shout out to you....Happy 4th and HB to the hubby. I used to live in Wisconsin before I moved out to California. I just love MN. Both my girls went to school at Aveda Inst. in Minneapolis so I was up there often for one thing or the other. I had my own private parking space ;D at the mall of America and I always got my Caribou coffee fix while up there. It wasn't available where I lived. However, my local Target now carries it, knock me over with a feather. Anyway, best to you and yours on this nice holiday and your FLOWERS are B E A U T I F U L.

  3. What adorable cards...he will love them! Sounds like you have a full day planned...have a great one!

  4. love the card for hubby or dad, it is so fun!

  5. marciad1:45 PM

    Happy Everything to you and your family. Hugs to your MIL. That dessert sounds awesome.

  6. Love these cards! Awesome!


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