Monday, April 09, 2007

Thanks a million!

Shhh. I made this card for someone that helped me out recently. This person was someone whom encouraged me through her work to try something I had never tried on my cards before. Sewing. I thought since she was my inspiration, I should most definitely send her a card with some sewing on it, dont'cha think? I can't share with you who it is just in case she reads my blog today or tomorrow, but you might be able to figure out on your own who it is:)!

I dug in my scrap drawer for the pieces to make this card. I'm such a fan of combining different designer papers together as long as they share common colors. Pattern doesn't matter so much! Just make sure they've got at least one color in common. For this card, I scored big and found THREE papers that had at least orange in them, and I got lucky in that all three shared pink too! It was my lucky day! To make this, I just glued the pieces down in a layout that was appealing to my eye, and then took the whole thing to the sewing machine to finish it up.

I used one of my favorite stamp sets, Petal Prints, to stamp a flower in Pumpkin Pie and Pretty in Pink in the middle of a circle cut out with my CM circle cutter thingy. I also dug out my long time favorite stamp, Itty Bitty Backgrounds, and stamped a few little dots all over the image to give it a little more excitement. The flower image is matted with a scallop circle punch in Pretty in Pink. I used my small hole punch to punch holes all the way around the scallops. I tied a multi colored ribbon around the card, and then mounted the flower image to the card with foam tape. I sure hope the recipent likes her card!

How was everyone's Easter Sunday? The celebration was at our house, as you read the other day. Everything went great, and none of us went hungry! Ham, cheesy potatoes, grilled veggies, grilled asparagus, coleslaw, spinach salad, fruit kabobs and birthday cake! My brother turned 47 yesterday, so my Mom baked him an Easter egg cake. It was beautiful! She's so talented! Everyone was gone by 6pm, so I had a little time at the end of the day for just me. It's exhausting hosting large gatherings.

As my Mom and Dad were leaving last night, and as Mom was giving me a hug, she told me that she was having a CAT scan this morning because they think she might have a blood clot near her heart! Ahhhh, HELLO! You're telling me this as you're leaving? Apparently she didn't want to bring it up in front of everyone who was there celebrating the day. My husband, always the smart alec, said to my Mom jokingly, "what is it with old people like you not telling their kids important things like this?" Of course, Mom laughed hysterically, but in some ways, he was serious.....why do our parents do this to us? I know, they don't want us to worry about them. But in times like these, she needs our prayers. I got on the phone reluctantly after they left and called each of my brothers and told them what she told me. I felt somewhat like I was breaking a confidence, but on the other hand, I felt they should know too. We are all praying Christians, so the least we could do is pray for her during the scan! It is 8:11am as I am writing this, so she is already at the dr. getting ready for the test. I told them to call me when they are finished, but who knows if they'll have test results by then. I'm sure since it involves a BLOOD CLOT NEAR HER HEART, the diagnostic analysis will be made promptly! One can only hope.

Say a prayer for us!


  1. Gorgeous card! I love how you put all the pattern pieces of paper together, very bright & cheerful. Love how you did the punched circle as well.
    Prayers said for your mom. Be sure to let us know the outcome. Hugs, Ida

  2. The card is so beautiful. I have no idea who might have helped you out though. Maybe after she gets the card you could tell us??? Speaking of telling... yep, moms are notorious for protecting. It's in our nature I think. Please let us know how your mom is. I am also a praying Christian and will pray for your mom, you, and your family. And now, I have a SSS # 10 to do. :-)

  3. Your card is beautiful...I love ORANGE!!! and she will love it too. You have been going to town with that sewing machine! Best wishes and prayers for your mom and your family.

  4. Anne Marie12:51 PM

    Sending a prayer up for your mom. My 90-year old Dad pulled something similar on me yesterday too. Just as he was leaving (sound familiar?) he tells me he had a car accident last week, but he's "OK now."

    Your card is beautiful, and I was very inspired by your Tuesday challenge on sewing. Thanks for providing the were right, she gave an awesome tutorial! I know she'll love your card.

  5. First of all let me say "hugs to mom" I will surely be praying for her, for you and your whole family. Secondly this card is stunning. LOVE the colors so much and don't I wish it had been ME to encourage the fabulous sewing idea (which by the way I have recently tried and am loving it too!)

    Blessings and prayers to you and yours.

  6. Michelle4:50 PM

    I love the brightness of the card...beautiful!

  7. Beautiful card! So fun and bright!

  8. beautiful card!

    hope its all good news with your mom

  9. I love the colors and textures. You certainly are very talented. Your mom is in my prayers. Thanks for sharing.



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