Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday's Forgotten Stamps

Today is the day I pull off the shelf a stamp that has long been forgotten! I borrowed today's stamp set, Stained Glass II, from my friend Lue, who's got so many stamps sets sitting around. While this is a relatively forgotten stamp, Lue and I do manage to take it out at least once a year, most notably to use the cross for baptism or symphathy cards. I thought I'd used the Easter lily stamp in the set for a new Easter card. I think this card turned out ok, I'm not totally feelin' it, but that's ok. Can't be thrilled all the time, right?

I have really been enjoying watercoloring lately. It was so fun to watercolor the stained glass window and lilies. Isn't it purrrrty? The thing I like about watercoloring is that it's SO relaxing.....I feel like I'm back in the 3rd grade, coloring in my coloring book, working so hard to stay inside the lines! It really bugged me if I even slightly went outside the lines. Now you know why I so loved the sentiment stamp I bought recently that says "color outside the lines". Obviously, I was a 3rd grader, obsessed with perfection! It's good to have shed that weight off my shoulders!

Stamps: Stained Glass II (2000), Harlequin BG by Hero Arts, Sentiment by Savvy Stamps

Paper: Rose Red, designer paper by NRN Designs, Pretty in Pink, Old Olive

Inks: Old Olive, More Mustard, Pretty in Pink, Elegant Eggplant, Rose Red

Accessories: Ribbon

Techniques: Watercoloring, distressing

Last night was a shocker on American Idol! Sabrina gone (I did NOT predict this...very sad), Antonella gone (I predicted-what the heck took so long?), Jared gone (I predicted...someone had to go...), Sundance gone (I did NOT predict--what a shame). Come on, Sanjya in the TOP 12????? Who on earth is voting for him? I was really surprised Haley stayed and Sabrina went. I like Haley, and I hope she steps up to the plate, but Sabrina is clearly the better singer. Sabrina should definitely be in the Top 12. Next week should be a great show with Diana Ross! I want to know what you other American Idol fans thought of last nights show! Be sure to drop me a line with your thoughts


  1. Yes - Sundance & Sabrina should still be there! You could see complete SHOCK on the judges faces. My prediction is that every little highschool girl is voting for Sanjya and that is what is keeping him in - if he makes it any higher "just because", I think you are going to have some perturbed viewers! I think it was Simon or Paula that said, "this is a SINGING competition!"
    Nice card too BTW - I don't really have much in the way of Easter sets, so it's great to see some inspiration! I'm looking forward to Sunday's sketch challenge :)

  2. This card is so colorful and just beautiful! And I think your watercoloring is stunning! Thanks for sharing such a pretty card!
    (sorry I can't contribute to the AI bit - I don't watch it.)

  3. Your card is beautiful - such vibrant color! I haven't watched this season of American Idol, but I heard about this site where they try to get people to vote for the worst singer to keep them on the show:
    It's crazy - especially if the ones with talent have to go.


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